Walt Disney World vacation will surprise beginners (2023)

Frequented by die-hard Walt Disney World fans. Some are Disney adults who grew up loving the most magical places on earth. Others discover magic as adults and never miss a chance to visit Disneyland. Repeat customers are fans of what some call the "Disney difference." A Disney difference is something that Walt Disney World does that exceeds expectations and has a more significant impact on visitors. Beyond the rhythm of other theme parks.

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The cast and crew at Walt Disney World do everything they can to make a Disney vacation a magical experience for families. These little extras might surprise new guests. From the extras at Disney resort hotels to the magic of Disney's hot springs and parks, you can be blown away by the customer service and magic of a Disney vacation.

Tema Resort Hotel

On a typical vacation, a hotel room is simply a place to rest for the night. When you vacation at Disney World, Disney Resort Hotels are part of the magic.

Resort rooms and design take the Disney magic to a whole new level. Themes at Disney World Resorts range from Disney movie-inspired character rooms at attractions like the Art of Animation Resort to luxury adults-only resorts with Victorian, nautical and wilderness themes.

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Choosing a fun hotel for your family is an important part of a great Walt Disney World vacation. Relax on the observation deck, see breathtaking animals at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge, orCaribbean Beach Resort.A stay at Walt Disney World Resort allows guests to immerse themselves in magic throughout their journey.

Guests often don't really understand how important the Disney difference is until they experience Walt Disney World Resort. No matter which location you choose, newcomers to Disney World will be amazed at the best possible way that Disney Resort can be.

Includes Disney Transportation

If you've ever waded through traffic on a family trip to a nearby beach, theme park, or historic attraction, you know the conundrum of vacation transportation. The Disney transportation alone is worth booking at the Walt Disney World Resort. At the end of a busy day in the park, the luxury of taking a bus, Skyliner, cruise ship or monorail is priceless. Loading a tour company onto a Disney vehicle is much easier and faster than driving and parking on Disney properties.

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Newbies to Disney experiencing Disney transportation for the first time are often surprised by how reliable, fast and simple the system is. Not to mention, getting there is half the fun. You'll see new sections of Disney properties and even get a chance to check out other resorts as you plan your next vacation.

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Disney food magic

big disney restaurantexperienceDisney newbies typically expect standard theme park food in the food section and were pleasantly surprised at Walt Disney World. From specialty food and gourmet buffets to entertaining dinner shows and sumptuous steaks and seafood,Disney CateringIt has been an incredible experience. Disney World goes out of its way to make dining a memorable, fun and delicious experience.

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A visit to Walt Disney World means you have the opportunity to dine on themed food in one of EPCOT's World Showcase lands. If you watch during the EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival or the EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival, Disney food is even more abundant, with the chance to try small plates and drinks from many countries.


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Enjoy creative cuisine at Disney Springs restaurants, dessert at booths and shops, and delicious and unique cocktails at the parks. Dining at Disney World is more than just a meal; you will have a hard time deciding what to enjoy next!

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fantastic queue

Leave it to Disney to make queuing fun. Interactive ride lines allow guests to play matching games, browse storybook pages or play music through interactive scenes while waiting in line. The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh lets little guests explore the rabbit's garden while sorting potatoes and carrots.

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Even non-interactive driving queues are good at bringing guests into the driving story. No boring barriers and chain dividers here. While waiting for a Disney ride, you'll feel like you're meandering into a pirate cave (Pirates of the Caribbean), under a circus top (Dumbo the Dumbo) or into space (Space Mountain).

out of this world snacks

A trip to an amusement park always means indulging in delicious treats like ice cream, corn dogs, funnel cakes and popcorn. Snacks at Walt Disney World Take Disney-themed snacks to a new level. Caramelized apples have been turned into mouse shapes, breakfast waffles are Mickey Mouse's smiling face, and even the Disney Buffet food is themed around Minnie's miniature corn dogs and Mickey's macaroni and cheese. Character-themed treats make snacking even more fun!

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Newbies must try the iconic Disney treats for the holidays. Mickey's Premium Chocolate Bar, Mickey's Pretzels, Churro, Dole Whip or Turkey Drumstick are super popular must-have snacks on a Disney World trip.

Hack your wait time

Satisfied Disney guests plan their park day. Park Day Planning is one of my top Disney World tips. While you can't completely avoid wait times, you can reduce them by taking advantage of the time of year you visit, scheduling attractions, and Disney's elves. Tickets to Walt Disney World aren't cheap, so first-timers should save time by taking advantage of the extra magic hours and Disney elves to round out their Disneyland day.

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Guests at Disney resorts can take advantage of the extra magic time to arrive before the parks open and after they close, allowing for more rides when the parks are less crowded. Depending on the time of year, you might be surprised to find that the wait is less than half the park's normal operating hours. If you buy the Disney Genie before your trip, you'll get into attractions faster.

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Study a Disneyland map before your trip to get a basic idea of ​​the layout and location of attractions. This will ensure that you get around the park in the most strategic way possible, avoid excessive walking and see as many places as possible.

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Disney Resort Event Consultant and Babysitting

Some resorts have activity centers where children can watch younger guests while adults enjoy an overnight stay at Disney Springs or an evening at the park.Disney's Polynesian Village Resort(Lilo's Playhouse) and Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge (Simba's Cubhouse) are childcare options for an additional fee. Nice to have the option of a parents' night out or a relaxing afternoon pool trip without the kids.

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Disney Resorts have activity consultants near the pools who coordinate karaoke, volleyball and children's activities. Sandcastle building contests at Yacht & Beach Club Resorts, Bayou Boogie Balls at Port Orleans Riverside, and shark and fish games at Art of Animation's Big Blue Pool are fun extras that help guests create Disney memories in the great outdoor garden.

Lifeguards and free life jackets

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Enjoy the tranquility by the pool. Life jackets are provided free of charge on the pool deck at Disney Pools and there are excellent lifeguards on duty when the pool is open. This seemingly inconspicuous little detail is a great comfort to parents who want to relax and enjoy the holidays. Parents can have peace of mind knowing that safety is guaranteed and accidents won't happen, and they can watch their children play from a safe distance without having to be around them every moment.

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adult-friendly activity

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Disney newbies may be surprised at how much adult-only activity there is at Walt Disney World. Disney is known for being a haven for kids, but there are plenty of fun activities to do for adults too. Walt Disney World Resort offers adults plenty of exciting rides, luxury restaurants, golf, shopping, spa opportunities and other experiences. Adults can also take a leisurely tour of the traditional park attractions to unwind on holiday.

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acting is magic

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Cast members aren't just store owners on Main Street America, chefs at Fantasyland restaurants, or ride operators. Cast members' superior customer service and presence truly draw guests into this magical world and leave them satisfied with their experience. From lifeguards and resort workers, to ride operators and transportation engineers, you'll be amazed by the friendliness and customer service of the Disney crew.

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As a first-time visitor to Disney World, these are just some of the surprises you can look forward to!


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