TruDog Fortify Me Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food Review (2023)

TruDog Fortify Me Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food Review (1)

I have four large dogs ranging in age from seven to fourteen. They are all healthy! I give them reinforcements periodically, especially the 14 year old. She shows no signs of slowing down, she is as active as my seven year old dog and trust me, they have their hands full! I love TruDog food and supplements! ! ! ! ! !”——Kelly U.

TruDog Fortify Me Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food Review (2)

Our trainer recommended this product to my two year old chocolate lab agility dog. We have been feeding for a month and can already see and feel a difference in his coat. I'm sure there's a lot more going on inside it than I've seen, so I'll continue to supplement Chayce with Fortify Me. Very happy with this product!”——caroline b.

TruDog Fortify Me Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food Review (3)

I have a 14 year old Shih Tzu/Yorkshire mix whose health has greatly improved since using Fortify Me. Since he is so small, I only use a teaspoon a day for his breakfast, but it has made a huge difference to his health. What if one morning I was in a rush and put his wet food down without reinforcing me and he wanted to stand at his food plate and stare at me like a mother? Where is the delicious food above? He will just stand there and not eat until I put something that strengthens me on his food. 5 stars from Boo Boo!”——Karen L.

TruDog Fortify Me Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food Review (4)

Our 12 year old cocker spaniel (Gracey) suffers from bladder control and lethargy and has significant arthritis in her hip. After nearly a year of supplementing her diet with Fortify Me Freeze-Dried Raw Ingredients, she is truly rejuvenated! She is cheeky and shows no signs of pain when climbing stairs and no bladder problems. Gracie no longer looks like a puppy, but she is a happy mature dog enjoying a life free of pain and signs of aging. We are on a regular income (very meager) but it is worth spending a little extra each month to ensure she gets the benefits of healthy food to strengthen her system and help her get the most out of life. And it helps us in so many ways to know that we are taking care of our little Gracie in the most loving and compassionate way possible! Yes, we are having a revival in our house thanks to the Fortify Me Freeze Dried Raw Food Topper!”——Jane M.

TruDog Fortify Me Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food Review (5)

My dog ​​loves the Fortify Me top. I have one who wants to eat everything and one who needs coaxing to eat. If I sprinkle this topper on my food, my picky eater will almost always eat her food, which is saying a lot! It has also been a pleasure working with this company. I accidentally ordered the wrong item, I realized this soon after and I contacted them. They arranged everything for me.”——Mary M.

TruDog Fortify Me Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food Review (6)

Amplification is great. My dog ​​only eats table food. White meat chicken breast steak, but he never eats his dog food. I decided to give my TruDog mince pies with the goal of getting my dog ​​to not eat them at all. Well let me tell you he loved it so I bought some dog food just to see if I put it on and still eat well and to my surprise he put it I ate it all. He still eats his dog food. He took one look at the bag and jumped up, knowing he had it. He loves it here. I am a big supporter of TruDog. It's just amazing. You are crazy not to buy this for your dog. Thank you very much True Dog!”——Paula M.

TruDog Fortify Me Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food Review (7)

I use Fortify Me as a food garnish for my dog's grain free dog food and he loves it! I finally felt he was getting the best nutrition I could afford. Just a few weeks ago, when I took Prince out for a walk, he couldn't even walk two blocks. He was lethargic. His eyes go blank. I know I have to do something. I changed his diet to grain free and limited starch. I ordered Fortify Me and started using it right away. Prince is enjoying long walks again. I am so happy to see how much better he looks and feels! Thanks for a great product!”——Susan Q.

TruDog Fortify Me Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food Review (8)

I pour food into her bowl and she won't eat it. She waited, looked up at me to strengthen my food ingredients, and once her pills were in her bowl, she could never wait to eat. She doesn't seem to eat poo anymore and that's why I'm trying! I also like the large 1lb bag. This is definitely on a motorboat! My older dog loved it too!”——Jocelyn P.

TruDog Fortify Me Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food Review (9)

My fur babies love it when I put Fortify Me on top of their food. It's funny because they squeal when I take it out. My pug is now eight years old and I think this and the "Free me" I put in her food has helped her a lot. Both my dogs are very healthy as I now buy all my baby stuff from TruDog. This is a great place! I just had to order something for my 12lb Shitzu to digest. He has a very sensitive stomach. So glad I found real dogs! Thanks True Dog.”——WikiB

TruDog Fortify Me Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food Review (10)

I recently bought FORTIFY ME and my dog ​​loves it. I use Boost Me daily and now I treat them with Fortify Me. Makes feeding them easy as I now only use their pellets, no wet food and only TruDog products to keep them healthy. They (6) all loved it and I love the ease.”——Marcia T.

TruDog Fortify Me Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food Review (11)

I bought Fortify Me primarily because I have an older lab mix (10 years) and wanted to help her keep her digestive tract healthy. She seems to love "Boost Me" and "Fortify Me". My 2 year old boxer/dog mix absolutely loves it - much to my dismay as she was a puppy catching rabbits and eating them. When I told the vet about this, he said the rabbit's bones were still soft, so she took a protein supplement. Among other things. Needless to say, she has an acquired taste for raw meat/protein and when served with TruDog toppings, she will devour them all.”——Roberta K.

TruDog Fortify Me Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food Review (12)

Last month our beloved 13-year-old black labrador, Emma, ​​died of a huge mass near his liver. A few years ago I fed my dog ​​raw food. Not sure why I switched to kibble other than convenience. I think if Emma was born she would still be with us. Almost 5 months ago we adopted a 12-13 year old (deaf) English Springer Spaniel. When we found him, he was so light that you could see his entire spine and ribs. He also has some health issues but I'm still hoping they will be resolved now that his diet is much better. He is always hungry and can go crazy at mealtime. After losing Emma I decided to go back to raw. I was worried about missing out on some nutrients when I cooked my own food, so I bought Fortify Me to add to raw food. This assures me that my dog ​​is getting more nutrition. All is well with them and Romeo is now at a healthy weight. I've only been using it for a few weeks but have already seen improvements. I look forward to more positive changes in the health of all our dogs.”——Donna L.

TruDog Fortify Me Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food Review (13)

I don't know what my expectations are, where the marketing starts, where the accuracy starts, but two weeks after we delivered our first bag of Fortify Me to both of my labs, not only are they jumping up and eating their food, their energy levels, behavior and health has also been significantly improved. My eight year old chases puppies at the dog park. His nose was wet and cold. His chronic allergic itching, which he had been taking for years on steroids, had greatly reduced. Incredibly good product. Incredibly beautiful results.”——Stephen C.

TruDog Fortify Me Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food Review (14)

My dog ​​absolutely loves Fortify Me. She doesn't like to eat very much and chews on things all day long. Despite being fed designer dog food, she was thin and unhealthy. She also eats her own poop every day. After reading about this product and how it helped with this problem, I decided to give it a try. I'm certainly glad I did. I haven't seen this behavior since I got her to start reinforcing me. I should also point out that I changed her dog food to all meat, grain free, no additives, so that may or may not have helped. Regardless, she looks plump and her fur is thicker and shinier. I mixed two tablespoons per cup of food with half a cup of warm water and she swallowed it.”——Susan R.

TruDog Fortify Me Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food Review (15)

My doxie has arthritis and before he strengthened me he was moving so slowly you could tell he just wasn't feeling well. Now he has some momentum in his feet and can walk up the ramp without any problems. In fact, when it was time to eat, he ran up the ramp where before Trudog his food could sit all day. We tried Boost Me first but because of his arthritis we switched to Fortify Me. Thanks to Trudogge for getting him back on his feet.”——Melanie L.

TruDog Fortify Me Freeze Dried Raw Dog Food Review (16)

With all the research that has been done on gut bacteria, it's no wonder that dogs, like humans, feel better/happier when their gut is well supported. I am appalled by the behavior of my border collie mix, Apollo. He is six years old, always picky and never wants his own food. We pretended to put things in like taking his bowl into the kitchen and making a show like oh man look what you got... He's also never had a bowel movement (sorry but it's important!) unless he absolutely must (it's not like my beagle mix where you can set your watch).

After two days of using Fortify Me I started to see a change in his outdoor habits and more importantly he was in a very fun mood. Because he can be very emotional and sensitive and then most nights we have to order him to eat and after he finally eats (around 10pm) he sulks to bed lol. Like a four-year-old who turns his nose up at food. He "talks back" with bark and wine. So when he learns what he gets with reinforcement I, it's easy to see the difference that he goes straight to the bowl. He will be very happy afterwards.

We were happy to see Pounce in the living room wanting to play and run around with our other dog. He is definitely doing better and I can only attribute this addition to his diet. He is an active dog with over an acre to run and work in, but I am starting to worry that he is slowing down and think he may be another medium sized dog with an average lifespan of 10 or 12 years. Statistics break my heart. I hope he can always be by my side as long as he is healthy. He's my goat herder, beach lover, river swimmer, hiking buddy and I'm glad he's back to his old (younger) self now.

Also love Trugel for cleaner teeth and breath. I used it a few weeks before the vet's teeth cleaning (because I was worried it would be a hassle) and she said it must have had an effect because it was easier than she expected from their appointment beforehand . I love that companies like this exist today. Please continue to research and help educate dog owners not to rest on the present and past in the pet food and care market!”——Michelle G.


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