The 13 best rated beaches in Huatulco (2023)

AuthorMegan Drilinger
Updated on February 10, 2023

Author Meagan Drillinger has spent over a decade exploring Mexico, spending months in and around Huatulco.

Huatulco is one of themMost popular destinations from Mexicoalong the Pacific coast. Yet it remains a mystery to those who know it. with other beach hotspots such asVallarta PortorCancun, all in one central location. But that's not the case – Huatulco is made ofnine separate bays, with more than30 spectacular beaches. In fact, when it comes to the best beaches in Huatulco, it can be hard to know where to start.

The 13 best rated beaches in Huatulco (1)

Huatulco's Nine Bays, known asGulf of Huatulco, covering everything from well-developed hotel hotspots to more rugged, out-of-the-way hidden gems. Each bay may even have more than five different beaches. If you're lucky, the locals will tell you about their favourites. But many people want to keep the more unusual gems all to themselves.

Whether you are looking for a five-star hotelLuksus Beach Resort, or a little more on foot to get to, Huatulco's beaches are all in all spectacular. In fact, many are some of themBest beaches in Oaxaca.

You'll find beaches filled with beach restaurants and rentals, while on others you may need to bring everything you need for the day. Either way, you'll likely get soft golden sand and turquoise and emerald waters. This part of Mexico is truly spectacular, but remains relatively off the main tourist routes.

Design the type of Mexico beach vacation that best suits your travel style with our list of the best beaches in Huatulco.

1. Levering Strand

The 13 best rated beaches in Huatulco (2)

Playa La Entrega is one of the best beaches in Huatulco because it is the perfect place to combine beauty and functionality. Playa La Entrega is undoubtedly one of the most photogenic beaches in the nine bays, Playa La Entrega also offers a wide variety of things to do for tourists and locals alike.

The crescent-shaped 1,000-foot beach isFive minute jet ski rideFrom the large port town of Santa Cruz (or a 2.5km walk). Behind the sandy shoreline are a series of thatched seafood palapas serving some of the best and freshest food in the area. But beachgoers also have plenty to do in the water, from jet skiing and banana boats to snorkeling and renting lanchas (small boats) to take you around the bay.

La Entrega means "to deliver" and tells the story of how the beach got its name. In 1831, Mexican independence hero Vicente Guerrero surrendered to his enemies on this beach. He was taken from the beach to a small town near Oaxaca city and executed.

2. San Agustin de Bahia

The 13 best rated beaches in Huatulco (3)

What makes Bahia San Agustin so lovely is that only those who really want to find it make the effort. It might not be the easiest beach to get to, but that's what makes it so spectacular. oxygenbest kept secretBahia San Agustin is off the beaten track on the Oaxaca coast, but the lack of crowds and the company of other serious beachgoers make this beach one of the best.

walked a few kilometers along a dirt road(20 minutes from La Crucecita), at the end of a dusty lane is a long row of Palapa restaurants and cabins. You can even book a room at many of these hotels if you want to spend the night in cheap but rustic accommodation. Camping is also allowed on the beach.

You'll avoid the crowds in exchange for pure peace and quiet. gentle waves letExcellent snorkeling and divingconditions, as well as long stretches of undeveloped sand, take you back to a time when this part of Mexico felt like you could literally disappear into nature.

3. At Bocana Strand

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Playa La Bocana is located where the Copalita River flows into the Pacific Ocean. huge stretchwhite sand beachNot necessarily hard to find, but it feels like another world. There are a few restaurants near the shore, but once you walk past their dining room, it's like stepping into the rugged, wild coastline.

For miles all you can see are rugged cliffs, rock formations and whitecaps breaking along the horizon. There are many pelicans here, probably because their nests are hidden in the surrounding rocky slopes. As mentioned, the service is limited, but there are two restaurants that offer food, be it a simple burger, seafood or a plate of fries. You can of course also bring your own facilities and park your umbrella on the beach for the day.

Not far from the beach is Montecito Beach Village, a collection of luxury villas perched on a hillside overlooking the beach below. If you want to spend close to this particular beach, these villas are definitely worth the extra pesos.

4. Kakaluta Bay

The 13 best rated beaches in Huatulco (5)

The magnificent pristine sandy beach of Bahia de Cacaluta is one of the most impressive of Huatulco's nine bays. This beach is definitely worth a visit as it is one of the most difficult to reach for most tourists. It can be a challenge, but the prize is two of the finest, cleanest beachfront properties you will ever see.

To reach the bay, you have two options:By boat (easiest) or on foot. It's a 20 minute hike so it's not too difficult. Still, it is clearly easier to travel by boat. You get a huge sand playground that may even be all your own. If you recognize this beach, it's probably because you've seen the iconic Mexican movie Y Tu Mama Tambien, which was filmed here.

the bay's two beaches are i.aKakaluta Strand, with a length of half a mile and a development of zero; andarroyo strand, which is smaller, quieter and easier to swim with.

5. Chahue Strand

The 13 best rated beaches in Huatulco (6)

Bahia de Chahue is one of Huatulco's most important intersections. This is because it is located between the lively village of Crucecita and the port city of Santa Cruz. The bay itself is quite large, lined with condos and resorts, but inside the bay you'll find several beaches to explore - meaning none of them will be too crowded.

The main beach here is Chahue Beach, known for its fine powdery sand and warm shallow waters. Waves are never out of control, but head currents can still be very strong.

If Chahue Beach isn't your thing, exploretejon beachWith rolling dunes and turquoise water,great for snorkeling.

the third beach isEsperanza Strand, which is the smallest beach. The water here is shallow, but the current is strong.

6. Organo Beach

The 13 best rated beaches in Huatulco (7)

Playa Organo is another secluded, hidden gem on the coast near Huatulco. This small beach with a stretch of fine white sand attracts many locals and tourists looking for calm, clear water.

the beach is easyaccessible by boat, from Marina Chahue or Santa Cruz Marina. Those looking to get some exercise can walk through the bush, but it's best to consult a local guide before attempting it.

In the high season, you don't need to bring much to the beach becauseVendors usually sell food and refreshments. In the low season, the beach can get wilder, so plan accordingly.

The real beauty of Playa Organo is that it is part of the Huatulco National Park. It is very important to use reef-friendly sunscreen and not to take anything out of the park.

while doing so,Huatulco NationalparkIt's worth exploring in its own right. Covering nearly 30,000 acres, the park is home to more than 9,000 species of flora and fauna, including armadillos, deer, pelicans, eagles, dolphins, whales and turtles.

7. Magway Beach

The 13 best rated beaches in Huatulco (8)

Maguey Beach is one of the most central beaches in Bahias de Huatulco. It is by far one of the most popular attractions in this part of Oaxaca - and while that means it's full of activities, it also means it's full of people.

wide beach isusually filled with boat trips, because many tourists arrange to disembark here. Fishermen also often bring their catch to seafood restaurants along the coast here.

In terms of activities, Maguey Beach has a lot to offer. You can enjoy volleyball and soccer as well as boat trips, banana boat trips, snorkeling and more.

8. Bunny Beach

The 13 best rated beaches in Huatulco (9)

Playa Conejos is located in Bahía Conejos, one of Huatulco's nine bays. The bay has four different beaches, of which Playa Conejos is by far the most popular. It's easy to see why.

Quiet, peaceful beaches areLocated in the Tangolunda Hotel Zone, so you'll often see guests from surrounding hotels hanging out right next to you. It has fantastic white sand and relatively calm, shallow blue water.

There are some impressive rock formations around the beach which make the beach look even more rugged. Coastal services are somewhat limited as the beach is mainlyHuatulco Secret Resort & Spa, but you can still snorkel, dive or swim.

9. Tangolunda Beach

The 13 best rated beaches in Huatulco (10)

Playa Tangolunda, part of Tangolunda Bay, is one of Huatulco's more developed beach areas with numerous resorts, shopping areas and residential areas. It is one of the main destination bays.

As a result, you'll find plenty of amenities along this beautiful stretch of golden coastline. The beach has toilets and showers as well as rental cabins for paddleboards, sailing and diving. Restaurants at Playa Tangolunda are also plentiful.

Not far from the beach are golf courses, luxury hotels and a small shopping centre. It's certainly one of the more built-up beaches in the area, but it's the creature comforts and prime real estate that make it so popular.

10. Cross bar

The 13 best rated beaches in Huatulco (11)

But let's talk more about the absolutely stunning remote beaches. Barra de La Cruz is a favorite among professional surfersOne of the biggest surfing secrets on the entire Oaxaca coast. This vast, undeveloped stretch of beach is perfect for all those enviable Instagram photos.

To get to Barra de La Cruz, take Highway 200, the spine of the Pacific Coast. Turn onto a dusty road and you'll find a deserted beach stretching as far as the eye can see. Two craggy pillars mark the end of the beach, and in between you'll find someBest surfing conditions in all of Mexico.

There is a small village behind the beach and you won't find much there other than extremely economical beach bungalows and a place to eat or two. People try to find Barra for sun, sand and surf. And they were handsomely rewarded.

11. Santa Cruz Strand

The 13 best rated beaches in Huatulco (12)

Finally, we have Bahia Santa Cruz, which is probably the most famous of all nine bays. it ispopular pierIt is also where tourist services are most concentrated. The bay consists of several beaches (we have already discussed:levering strand).

But here you will also find Playa Santa Cruz. It is one of seven that make up the bay and is undoubtedly the most popular. No matter what time of year it is, you'll find it crowded as it's a hub for everything from restaurants and hotels to dive shops and sporting goods stores.

Still, the sand and the beach itself are lovely, with turquoise water and soft white sand. The water is very calm so swimmers of all ages can come out and play. Activities on the beach include volleyball and soccer, and water sports include snorkeling, stand-up paddle boarding, sport fishing and more.

12. Screw beach

The 13 best rated beaches in Huatulco (13)

Playa Tornillo is one of the beaches in Don Gorondane, Bahia. Technically the beachHotel Brisas Huatulco, so if you're looking for a place to stay in Huatulco, you might want to consider this beach resort.

Often considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Huatulco, Playa Tornillo is known for its emerald green waters and calm, relaxing environment, perfect for swimming. This is also a popular beach for snorkeling and kayaking.

While technically all beaches in Mexico are open to the public, this one is a bit difficult to get to if you're not a resort guest. Other beaches you can explore at the resort include Playa El Secreto, Playa Manzanillo and Playa Ventura.

13. Arrocito Strand

The 13 best rated beaches in Huatulco (14)

Playa Arrocito is a beautiful beach, but keep in mind that it is definitely one of the most popular beaches in Huatulco. This is because there are no waves and translucent watergreat for swimming and floating. The beach is surrounded by rocky outcrops, making it a visual experience.

However, note that a trendy residential development called Arrocito Beach Village is about 150 meters from the beach, so the beach may not be as quiet as some of the others on this list.


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