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Nicaragua's coast is split between the Caribbean "Mosquito Coast" and the Pacific coast, which has some of the best waves in the country. On the southwest coast, Lake Managua, about 50 miles inland, helps channel the wind across the country, providing more than 300 days of sea breeze. These currents wash over the southwesterly waves in the South Pacific that formed in the 1940s and 1950s. The result is exceptional, if not world-class, break points and beaches along with a rich local culture, cheap living costs and a tropical climate.

Fast facts

More than 300 days of sea breeze

warm water and tropical climate

A mix of beach lounging and lounging spots


where to surf

Nicaragua has some of the best sea spots, reef breaks and sandbars in Central America. The best surf spots are located in the province of Rivas. They are exposed to roaring 40 degree southerly swells averaging 3-5 feet and offshore winds averaging about 330 days. The most popular surfing beaches in Nicaragua are those near San Juan del Sur, such as Playa Maderas and Playa Majagual. A little further north, Playa Gigante and Popoyo also offer good places to rest. A little further north is off the beaten track, so you'll find fewer crowds.

when do we leave

Surfs are strongest in summer and peak in July and August, when the Caribbean enjoys mild south-westerly offshore winds and water temperatures between 27-28°C. It is for these reasons that you can expect people to gather.

Fall collects some southerly swells that don't usually reach the California coast, but as in summer (SW-W), the sea breeze is always on the offshore side, keeping the swells in place. However, it tends to be rainy in this season, but it gives you a chance to avoid the school crowds.

In winter there are strong offshore/sideshore winds which sometimes cause upwelling which cools the water to 15-17°C. South swells become less and less consistent, while north swells don't come at all. Not the best time to travel to the area.

South-facing swells come into the area's beaches and reefs in early spring, and although the water is semi-cold, the wind is still strong. Basically, activity intensifies again in early to mid-March as the wind dies down and the swell picks up.

best surf spot

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beautiful beach

Playa Hermosa is more than a kilometer long, with several pinnacles, long walls and the occasional wooden barrel. The waves here are of a higher quality than most nearby, but require stronger waves to be effective. Low tide at medium to high tide. Note that you have to pay a small fee to use the road to the beach, but it's worth it!

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Achunquilo is located in central Nicaragua just north of the wind corridor that blows from the east, so it is best seen before dawn when the wind is blowing. This beach holiday offers consistency that is hard to find. You can grab a barrel once in a while, but for the most part it's just a really fun wave to play without crowds.

nearby resorts

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You can tell by the name, it's amazing! The left and right are separated and the left side is slightly longer. At chest height, this wave will entertain you for hours. It's also a great wave for the less confident surfer to get there without the threat of a steady job, but watch out for the rocks.

nearby resorts

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A break point that can handle big waves and handle all tides and waves. Offshore coral reefs are undoubtedly Nicaragua's best plate.

nearby resorts

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Consider surfing in San Juan del Sur or "climbing the volcano" on the sandy slopes of the active volcano Cerro Negro. If city life is your thing, skip Managua and go straight to Granada and León. Both cities have beautiful architecture - some of these buildings and ruins date back to the 16th century. Finally, for a beautiful but often muddy hike, visit Miraflores. Exploring this national park with a mandatory guide is an incredible experience. Rarely will you meet other tourists as you trek through the bush and enjoy the many rivers, farms and waterfalls. If "getting away from it all" is your purpose of travel, then Miraflores is the place to be.


With a population of 6 million, Nicaragua is the largest and least densely populated country in Central America. It borders the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, between Honduras and Costa Rica. It is also known as the land of many volcanoes and lakes. Nicaragua is home to the lively city of Leon, the more remote Corn Islands and Lake Nicaragua, the largest freshwater lake in South America. It also has well-preserved colonial towns and vast expanses of lush rainforest, making it one of the most underrated and unexplored tourist destinations in the world. Fully independent since 1838, Nicaragua has continued to experience turmoil, dictatorships, and most recently a decade-long civil war that ended peacefully in 1990. Today, Nicaragua remains welcoming and peaceful, with a growing ecotourism industry and increasing numbers of tourists each year. Year. The vibrant and happy culture of "Nicas", combined with the relaxed Caribbean life, make this country a hospitable paradise for all types of tourists.

reach there

The main airline in North America (United, American and Delta), South and Central America (Avianca, Copa Airlines and Spirit) is Managua, Nicaragua. Augusto C. San is served by Dino International Airport (MGA).

travel information

Time zone

GMT –6.00

means of payment

Cordoba, Nicaragua (NIO)

calling code



120V - plus A and B

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Buena Honda Beach Resort

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Oceanfront hideaway located on one of Nicaragua's most beautiful beaches, Playa Santana - a place as close to paradise as you can imagine

Hideaway by the sea located on one of Nicaragua's most beautiful beaches - Playa Santana


magnificent rock popoyo


Located in Popoyo, on Nicaragua's beautiful Emerald Coast, Magnific Rock offers guests a unique and inspiring experience.

Guests can enjoy unique, inspiring experiences on the beautiful Emerald Coast


Miramar Surf Camp


Located in a sleepy northern fishing village, this surfing hotspot is blessed with off-shore winds, surf breaks and beach breaks

This surfing hotspot is located in a sleepy fishing village in the north, blessed with marine resources

Nicaragua Surf Travel Guide | Perfect Wave Travel (12)nearby and similar destinations

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costa rica

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From world-class resorts to beginner-friendly bumps and everything in between, Costa Rica offers warm waters, friendly locals and a laid-back vibe.

Warm water, friendly locals, a cool atmosphere and waves for all surfers.



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Mexico, from the dry north to the tropical south, has some of the strongest, most consistent and least crowded surf on earth

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The 300 km stretch of volcanic black sand beaches on Guatemala's Pacific coast produces the best waves near estuaries, piers and breakwaters

Surf near estuaries, piers and breakwaters along the 300 kilometer stretch of the Pacific coast



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2,250 kilometers of warm water coastline offers stunning breaks, epic beach breaks and hidden gems

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Consistent Caribbean surf break with regular trade wind swells and northerly swells from cold fronts moving off the US East Coast in winter

Consistent Caribbean surf spot with frequent trade winds


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