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The SEAL Basic Training Headquarters is a nondescript three-story building located on the beach in Coronado, California, just 100 meters from the Pacific Ocean. There is no air conditioning in the building and at night with the windows open you can hear the tide coming in and the waves crashing on the sand. Standing motionless, I could see the instructor out of the corner of my eye.

Book Make Your Bed PDF by William H. McRaven

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Miró con cansancio mi cama. Inclinándose, revisó las esquinas del hospital, luego examinó la manta y la almohada para asegurarse de que estuvieran alineadas correctamente. Luego, metiendo la mano en su bolsillo, sacó una moneda de veinticinco centavos y la arrojó al aire varias veces para asegurarse de que yo supiera que se acercaba la última prueba de cama.

With a final twist, the coin flew high into the air and landed on the mattress with a slight bounce. He jumped several inches off the bed, high enough for the instructor to catch him with one hand. Turning to me, the instructor met my eyes and nodded. He never said a word.

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Making my bed properly would be nothing to praise.Download book in PDF Make your bedIt was expected of me. It was my first task of the day, and getting it right was important. He demonstrated my discipline. It showed my attention to detail, and at the end of the day, it would be a reminder that I did something right, something to be proud of, no matter how small the task.

At the time of the attacks, I was recovering at home from a serious parachute accident. A hospital bed was brought to my government quarters and I spent most of the day lying on my back, trying to recover. I wanted out of that bed more than anything else. Like all SEALs, I wanted to be with my fellow warriors in the fight.

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When I finally recovered enough to get out of bed without help, the first thing I did was tighten the sheets, adjust the pillow, and make sure the hospital bed was presentable to everyone who came into my house. It was my way of showing that I was over the injury and moving on with my life.

Over the next ten years, I had the honor of working with some of the best men and women this nation has ever produced, from generals to privates, admirals to marine recruits, ambassadors to typists.Download book in PDF Make your bedAmericans who deployed abroad in support of the war effort came willingly, sacrificing much to protect this great nation.

They all understood that life is hard and sometimes there is little you can do to affect the outcome of your day. In battle, soldiers die, families suffer, their days are long and filled with moments of anxiety. He looks for something that can bring him comfort, that can motivate him to start the day, that can be a sense of pride in an often ugly world.

But it's not just combat.Download book in PDF Make your bedIt is everyday life that needs that same sense of structure. Nothing can replace the strength and comfort of faith, but sometimes the simple act of making your bed can give you the motivation you need to start your day and the satisfaction of ending it right.

Wherever we went during the first phase of SEAL training, we had to bring the raft. We got it into our heads as we ran from the barracks, across the road, to the dining room. We took it in a low position as we raced up and down the Coronado dunes. We rowed the boat non-stop from north to south along the shoreline and through the roaring waves, seven men all working together to get the rubber dinghy to its final destination.

But we learned something else on our trip with the raft. From time to time, one of the ship's crew members would be sick or injured, unable to give 100 percent. I often found myself exhausted from the training day, or down from a cold or flu. On those days, the other members made up for it. They rowed harder.

They dug deeper.Download book in PDF Make your bedThey gave me their rations to have more strength. And when the time came, later in training, I returned the favor. The little rubber boat made us realize that no man could get through training alone. No SEAL could survive combat alone, and by extension, he needed people in his life to see him through the tough times.

Suddenly, I looked below me and another jumper slid under me, cutting my way to the ground. He pulled the ripcord and I could see the little pilot opening the main parachute on his pack. Immediately, I threw my arms to the side, forcing my head to the ground in an attempt to get away from the blooming sewer.

It was too late. The jumper's parachute opened in front of me like an air pocket, hitting me at 120 miles per hour. I bounced off the main canopy and lost control, barely aware of the impact. For a few seconds I rolled over on my stomach, trying to stabilize myself again. I couldn't see my altimeter and I didn't know how far I had fallen.

Instinctively, I grabbed my rope and pulled. The little pilot shot out of his bag on the back of the chute, but he wrapped around my leg as he continued to fall towards the ground. As he struggled to free me, the situation escalated. The main chute partially deployed, but as it did, it swung around my other leg.

Craning my neck skyward, I could see that my legs were secured by two sets of ropes, the long nylon straps that connect the main conduit to the harness on my back. One rope was wrapped around one leg, the other around the other leg.Download book in PDF Make your bedThe main parachute was completely out of the bag, but hanging somewhere on my body.

As I struggled to free myself from the entanglement, I suddenly felt the canopy lift off my body and begin to open. Looking at my legs, I knew what would come next. Within seconds, the canopy took in air. The two straps, one wrapped around each leg, suddenly and violently parted, taking my legs with them.

My pelvis separated instantly as the force of the opening tore through my lower torso. The thousands of tiny muscles that attach the pelvis to the body have been ripped off their hinges. Mexico. Searing pain shot through my body, sending pulsing waves through my pelvis and up to my head.

Violent muscular convulsions hit my upper torso, causing more pain in my arms and legs. Now, as if having an out-of-body experience, I became aware of my scream and tried to control it, but the pain was too intense. Still head down and falling too fast, I twisted in the harness, taking some of the pressure off my pelvis and back.

Fifteen hundred feet. She had fallen more than four thousand feet before the parachute opened. The good news: I had a full canopy over my head. The bad news: I was devastated by the shock of the opening.Make your bed PDF BookI landed more than two miles from the drop zone. Within minutes, the drop zone team and an ambulance arrived.

They took me to the trauma hospital in downtown San Diego. The next day, he was out of surgery. The accident tore my pelvis nearly five inches. My stomach muscles had separated from the pelvic bone, and my back and leg muscles were severely damaged from the initial impact.

I had a large titanium plate screwed into my pelvis and a long scapular screw drilled into my back for stability. That felt like the end of my career. To be an effective SEAL, you had to be physically fit.Make your bed PDF BookMy rehabilitation would take months, maybe years, and the Navy needed to do a medical evaluation to determine if I was fit for duty.

I was released from the hospital seven days later, but remained bedridden at home for the next two months. My friends came to the house, called constantly, and helped where they could. My boss, Admiral Eric Olson, somehow found a way around the policy that required the Navy to conduct a medical evaluation of my ability to continue serving as a SEAL.

Your support for me probably saved my career.Make your bed PDFDuring my time in the SEAL teams, I had several setbacks, and in each case, someone stepped up to help me: someone who was confident in my abilities; someone who saw potential in me where others didn't; someone who risked his own reputation to advance my career.

I have never forgotten these people and I know that everything I have achieved in my life has been the result of others helping me along the way. None of us is immune to the tragic moments in life. Just like the little rubber boat we had in basic SEAL training, it takes a team of good people to get you to your destination in life.

You can't row the boat alone.Make your bed PDFFind someone to share your life with. Make as many friends as you can and never forget that your success depends on others. I ran to the beach with my black rubber fins tucked under my right arm and my mask in my left hand.

Arriving at the parade break, I anchored the fins in the soft sand, touching them to form a tent. Standing to my right and left were other students. Dressed in green T-shirts, khaki swim trunks, neoprene boots, and a small life jacket, we would prepare to swim two miles in the morning.


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