Mahahual Beach Bliss: Your Ultimate Guide to Fun and Relaxation » Savoeur (2023)

Hi every one! I will tell you todayMahavi Beachin the Mexican Caribbean.

this coastal town"Maya Coast"in the Southyucatan peninsulaAbout a 90-minute drive from Bacalar, it is far less touristy than Cancun and the Riviera Maya.

With pristine white sand beaches, clear turquoise waters and vibrant coral reefs,Mahahual offers a truly unforgettable beach experience.

Whether you are a sun-seeking adventurer, a nature lover or just someone looking for pure relaxation, Mahavi offers something extraordinary for every traveller.

In this blog post, I will take you on a journey of amazing top activities to make your trip to Mahavi an unforgettable experience.

From exciting water sports to cultural encounters, this coastal paradise offers a wealth of experiences that will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime.

Til Mahawe Beach

From Mexico City

First, fly from Mexico City to Chetumal(Just over two hours with a direct flight with Aeromexico or Volaris), then continue along the road to Mahahual(ca. to timer)Travel by car, bus or private transfer.

when flyingChetumal, make sure to get a seat on the right side of the plane to enjoy the view!

fra chetumal

Mahahual Beach Bliss: Your Ultimate Guide to Fun and Relaxation » Savoeur (1)

with car: Approximately two hours drive from Chetumal airport. If you want to rent a car,Secure your rental here.

take the bus (ADO coach line): Services at this particular place are a bit sparse. They only provide one service per day. So the tickets sold out quickly.

Tickets cost around 200 pesos. It is best to check with them in advance to confirm the

take a cab: The taxi from the airport is around 1700 pesos. If you want to pay less, you can go to the roundabout to drive"normal"taxa(costs about 1400 pesos)Or take a taxi from the airport and drop him off at your destinationChetumal-Mahahurvan goes(100 pesos)On Rebel Avenue.

Fra Cancun

with car: Approximately 4.5 hours along highway 307Cancun– Chetumal/Carl. Tulum - Cancun/Mexico, then turn left to Mahahual/Quintana Roo El Cafetal-Mahahahual.

take the bus: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8:30 on the ADO Coach line. Again, be sure to confirm their

Much the same applies if you come from Playa del Carmen, Tulum or Bacalar.

my proposal for the bus

I did a lot of research on the bus schedule before going to Mahahual and the information was very confusing.

you must understand thisMahawe is not as touristy as the rest of the Riviera Maya, so there are not many bus lines.

So again, it is very important to go to the bus station or check their website to confirm the

13 Best Things to Do in Mahawe Beach

1. Enjoy the beach, of course

Mahahual Beach Bliss: Your Ultimate Guide to Fun and Relaxation » Savoeur (2)

The water here is very calm and shallow, perfect for children and those who do not feel comfortable in the water.

You can walk to the beach along the promenade, which is lined with small beach clubs and restaurants.

Of course, it's very different from Cancun or Playa del Carmen, where beach clubs are usually smaller and quieter.

I have been to several beach clubs in Mahahual, here are my 3 favorites:

1. YayaIs a nice beach club with double beds and deck chairs.

You have to try the guacamole(The best of Mahavi!), their handcrafted mezcal and Santorini salad.

2. Malecon 21Another beach club in Mahahual with a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

The perfect breakfast: chili, eggs benedict and the best green juice ever.

Their margaritas are amazing, especially the spicy mango margarita and mezcal.

3. Square fishbeach club at40 Canyon HotelWhere I live in Mahahual.

Mahahual Beach Bliss: Your Ultimate Guide to Fun and Relaxation » Savoeur (3)

If you are not a hotel guest, you can buy a day pass for about 200 pesos, which gives you access to sunbeds and umbrellas, showers and toilets.

This is the only beach club that charges an entrance fee, but this allows the hotel to reserve most of the space for guests and ensure some peace.

This is truly a place to relax, enjoy the water, rent kayaks and get massages.

You can order food and drinks and they will bring them to you on the beach, but there are no real tables to sit on, so I recommend going to the restaurant, which is nice, cozy and shady.

other beach clubs

Mahahual Beach Bliss: Your Ultimate Guide to Fun and Relaxation » Savoeur (4)

If you are looking for a welcoming atmosphere and more affordable prices, check it outlachlangornsandcrazy lobster.

To be honest I don't like it much because it is too big and crowded and the beach is not that pleasant.

It's okay to have a beer with friends, but not to lie on a recliner(At least I don't think there is, or very little).

I have also heardNohodge Kay, but I found the place to be noisy, the food mediocre and the service poor. Maybe it's just a bad day?

If you like luxury and privacy, give it a tryi like beach clubs, 30 minutes from Mahahual.

day pass(Fra 500 pesos per person)Access to a beautiful private beach, very quiet with nothing around!

There is a restaurant, bar, sun loungers, hammocks, kayak and stand up paddle rentals, snorkel gear and kite surfing lessons on site. Taxi from Mahahual is approximately 250 pesos.

2. Explore Mahavi

Mahahual Beach Bliss: Your Ultimate Guide to Fun and Relaxation » Savoeur (5)

The center of Mahahual only stretches about 7-10 corners and you can easily walk along the Malecon(beach promenade), Sardine Street and Huachinango Street.

You can go to the lighthouse, which is one of the places where you can see Mahahual and its colorful letters.

You can also walk a little further to the new residential area of ​​Mahahual, which is the entrance to the port.mayakystenlay in.

3. Snorkeling

Mahahual Beach Bliss: Your Ultimate Guide to Fun and Relaxation » Savoeur (6)

Snorkeling at Mahahual is not to be missed as it is close byMesoamerican coral reefs.

I was recommendedGypsy, lay inRural beach hotels, run by a Canadian woman and her Mexican husband.

I usually get short of breath when using snorkel gear and have only done so a few times during the dive.natural well, so I was a little stressed about doing it in the ocean.

But in the end the guide was very patient and attentive and made sure I was always comfortable in the water.

Snorkeling trips may vary depending on the dive site. I paid 450 pesos and was able to see some beautiful coral formations.

There are other tour operators who will take you further afield for an extra fee, giving you more opportunities to see more coral, fish and even manatees.

4. Diving

Mahahual Beach Bliss: Your Ultimate Guide to Fun and Relaxation » Savoeur (7)

Of course, diving is another must-do activity at Mahavi.

You will find many sights at depths between 15 and 60 m, just a 10-minute boat ride away.

Xécarac also offers several diving sites: La Pozeta(10-15 meter)For beginners, La Poza for intermediate divers, La Chimenea(20-27 meter)For advanced divers.

About an hour and a half drive from MahahualBanco Chinchorro biosfærereservat, has the largest coral atoll in Mexico and is part of the second largest coral reef in the world.

Here you can see a variety of colorful fish, rays and 3 species of turtles(turtle, green turtle and red turtle), Crustaceans, Dolphins, Nurse Sharks(harmless to the human body)and manatees.

There are also wrecks of Spanish and English galleons from the 16th and 17th centuries.

If you decide to go to Banco Chinchorro for a serious diving experience, expect to pay around 3500 pesos($185).

Don't have a diving certificate yet?A good option is to choose Mahahual"Discovery Diving"For 1800 pesos you can dive in with all your equipment.Click here for details.

5. Cycle around Mahahual

Mahahual Beach Bliss: Your Ultimate Guide to Fun and Relaxation » Savoeur (8)

This is truly one of the best ways to visit Mahavi outside the tourist areas!

You can cycle around 10 kilometers along the seafront and Costa Maya. I suggest going in the opposite directionWhich lighthouse is the most beautiful?.

Walk along the seafront and you'll find several bikes available for hire, but it's best to compare carefully and choose a bike with a comfortable seat.

The one I chose was not in good condition and after a while on dirt roads... my back really hurts!

Expect to pay 50 pesos an hour or 150-200 pesos for the day(9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.).

Remember, it's hot and sunny at noon. So either go early in the morning or after

There are also children's bikes and tandem bikes. I think I've seen electric bikes too.

6. Take an ATV ride

Mahahual Beach Bliss: Your Ultimate Guide to Fun and Relaxation » Savoeur (9)

Another great option to explore Mahavi is to join a guided quad bike tour.

I follow Alejandro fromtourHe took me first to the lighthouse and then to the entrance to the port of Costa Maya to seeChachobon pyramide, the most important archaeological site in the region.

Then we went back to the opposite road and walked a few kilometers. In fact, we cycled the same trails as we had done the day before, but of course walked further.

You must order in advance(Whatsapp 52 983 123 1436)The meeting point is at the Malecon(beach promenade),onHotel Aquasta.

600 pesos per ATV(1 or 2 people), the tour time is about 2 hours. A driver's license is not required.

If you are sharing a car with another person, bring a towel: it will make the person behind you more comfortable!

7. Kayaking at Mahahual Beach

Mahahual Beach Bliss: Your Ultimate Guide to Fun and Relaxation » Savoeur (10)

I really wanted to kayak in Mahahur before going to Bacalar.

so I rented a canoe(200 pesos for about 90 minutes)with Javier fromLizette Tours, right in front of me40 Canyon Hotel.

As the current is not strong, he recommends going to the lighthouse first and returning with the waves.

The water was shallow and clear, I could see some fish and there was a great view of the coast from the sea!

8. Relax and detox in a steam therapy

Mahahual Beach Bliss: Your Ultimate Guide to Fun and Relaxation » Savoeur (11)

A temazcal is a steam bath that is consideredmedical and spiritual, whose practice dates back to pre-Hispanic times.

this hereBlue Kai Eco ResortEven if you are not a guest of the hotel, you have the opportunity to enjoy this unique experience.

The ritual lasts about 90 minutes and is performed after purification by a local shaman.

Open from 18.00 to 21.00, minimum 5 people and must be booked at least 1 day in advance.

9. Go fishing in Mahavi

Mahahual Beach Bliss: Your Ultimate Guide to Fun and Relaxation » Savoeur (12)

There is something for everyone: spinning, trolling, sea or beach.

The best way to fish in Mahahual is to rent a boat with a certified guide for half a day or a day.

The main fish are swordfish, barracuda, lemon fish, sea bass, snapper and mackerel.

Don't forget your sunscreen. Some tours include soda, beer and snacks, and some do not.

10. Try the best habanero salsa at Km5 Ranch

Mahahual Beach Bliss: Your Ultimate Guide to Fun and Relaxation » Savoeur (13)

On the way from Chetumal Airport to Mahahual, the taxi driver recommendsgrassland km5.

This is a family business established 12 years ago. They sun-dry the peppers and make a dozen different sauces based on the habanero peppers.

Everyone in the area knows them because their products are so good.

I personally like mango and passion fruit sauces as they are a bit sweeter and less spicy. They also have good peanuts.

11. Visit Bacalar

Mahahual Beach Bliss: Your Ultimate Guide to Fun and Relaxation » Savoeur (14)

Bacalar is about an hour from Mahahual, a town famous for its beautiful lagoon(commonly known as Seven Colors Lagoon).

You can explore the lagoon and its cenotes, Los Piratas Canal, Fort San Felipe and Bacalar Falls, or if you have more time, go toThe tree of friends.

You can stay a few days or visit Bacalar in one day from Mahahual.

If you want to spend a day in Bacalar, I recommend goingCatamaran tripGo to Seven Colors Lagoon in the morning(lasts about 3 hours)Then buy a day pass for access to the lagoon for the rest of the day.

You can also do the opposite, buy a day ticket and leave on the catamaran at 15.00, when the sun is less intense.

Day passes are available at several hotel restaurants(200 to 800 pesos depending on location), in my case I likelos arouxI highly recommend: 300 pesos for its beautiful facilities and 300 pesos for the restaurant. Start with breakfast.

Here is my authority on all the things to do in Bacalar and how to get thereChimney guide!

12. Explore Escalak

Mahahual Beach Bliss: Your Ultimate Guide to Fun and Relaxation » Savoeur (15)

If you want to get off the beaten path, goScalak!

It is a very well located fishing town facing the Caribbean Sea and close to several lakes where you can enjoy many activities.

For example: sport fishing(kun catch and release), snorkeling and diving for all levelsEzcala Reef National Park, which is part of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef.

You can rent a bike to explore the area or just enjoy the beach.

You can also kayak to La Aguada to see the mangroves and see up to 40 species of birds.

How to get from Mahahual to Xcalak:

Take the highway to Mahahual/Quintana Roo El Cafetal-Mahahahual, then to Q.ROO/Mahahual, turn left at the end of the road(A sign says "Xcalak").

About 90 minutes away. Mahahual also has several operators that offer tours to Xcalak.

13. Explore Chacchoben near Mahahual

Mahahual Beach Bliss: Your Ultimate Guide to Fun and Relaxation » Savoeur (16)

about an hour awayMahahurAndChachoburn, one of the most important Mayan archaeological sites in the region.

The ancient city was mainly inhabited between 200 BC. and the 8th century, but it may have become a place of pilgrimage even after being abandoned for centuries, as ceremonial objects from the 13th and 15th centuries have been found.

You can visit Temple No. 24, the large square in the center of the city, the Great Crypt with the Temple of the Vessel and Temple No. 1, as well as several smaller ruins.

Where to stay in Mahawe

As I mentioned before, I chose40 Canyon HotelMy stay at Mahahual. highly recommended!

First of all, the hotel is charming and intimate with lots of plants and arustic chicatmosphere. My room was very clean with a comfortable mattress, TV and air conditioning.

The location is perfect, right in the heart of Mahahual but in a quiet part of the Malecon(beach promenade).

There is a clean beach with restaurants, a beach club, massage tables, kayak rentals and two ATMs. Really very practical!

I have to say that having morning coffee at the hotel beach restaurant with peace and breeze is one of my best memories of Mahahual.

Mahavi hotels for every budget

Mahahual Beach Bliss: Your Ultimate Guide to Fun and Relaxation » Savoeur (17)

Brukai Ecolodge: This is the best option for cheap accommodation in Mahahual. Cottages with comfortable beds, a few meters from the beach, shared bathrooms, access to the beach, bar and sunbeds, with a bohemian atmosphere.Average price $40.

Jebma Haveli - Adults only: For extra peace, this is a small adults-only hotel, 15 minutes' walk from the beach, with a swimming pool and hammocks. stare at$75 per night!

Almaplena Boutique Hotel: An ideal leisure hotel just 30 minutes from Mahahual on a white sand beach surrounded by jungle. It has a swimming pool and restaurant and rooms with sea views. from$85 per night!

40 Canyon Hotel: I stayed here for 4 nights and recommend it 100%. Charming small hotel in front of a well-maintained beach with a beach clubQuartered fish, the restaurant faces the sea and the service is first class. Comfortable bed and air conditioning. About$130 per night!

Mahavi fest

Mahahual is a very quiet town and most places close around

There are some exceptions, but honestly, if you expect nightlife like Cancun or Playa del Carmen, don't come here.

That said, I've heard 3 bars open at night: Luna Roja, Pitaya and a nightclub called El Nido.

Are there ATMs in Mahawe Beach?

There is only one exchange office in Mahahual and it is located in the city center.

There are also several ATMs on the high street, some for withdrawals in US dollars and some for Mexican pesos.Hotel 40 Cañones has 2 ATMs.

Mahavi has no banks.

many places(including bus station)No debit or credit cards are accepted, so I recommend bringing enough cash to avoid overpaying ATM withdrawals.

Mahavi Car Rental

The easiest way to visit Mahavi isrent a car, as the number of buses is limited and there are many attractions in the area.

But like any budget consideration, it's wise to compare different options to find the best car at the lowest price.

The best advice I can give you is to book throughDiscover the car networkFor three reasons:

First of all, you will be able to easily compare prices on different companies: find the best price quickly and easily!

Second, cancellations are usually free: so you have the right to change your mind at the last minute.

And thirdly, it offers complete coverage cheaper than other companies: it gives you instant savings.

When is the best time to visit Mahawe Beach?

To get the most out of Mexico's beaches, there is one simple rule:Avoid the rainy season from June to October.

June, July and August: hot and humid, generally more sargassum.

August, September and October are rainy months with hurricane risk.

But this is only a general rule. I was in Mahahual in October and the weather was very pleasant without a drop of rain.

However, the best time to travel to Mahahual is from November to March. You could also consider April and May, but it's already much warmer. up to you.


In summary,Mahavi Beachis a heavenly destination that offers the perfect combination of fun and relaxation for every traveler.

Whether you seek adventure, serenity or both, this stunning coastal gem has it all.

From the pristine sands and crystal clear waters to the vibrant marine life and exciting water activities, Mahawe Beach is sure to give you an unforgettable experience.

I hope you have as much fun at Mahahual as I did. If you like my article, share it with your friends on social media and don't forget to leave your comment below. Vamonos!

Mahahual Beach Bliss: Your Ultimate Guide to Fun and Relaxation » Savoeur (18)

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What is Mahahual known for? ›

Mahahual is the Costa Maya's newest tourist town on the Mexican Caribbean; a cruise ship gateway to southern Quintana Roo's little known Mayan ruins and beaches. Not so long ago, Mahahual (also spelled Majahual) was nothing more than a few beach palapas and the Mexican Navy base.

What is the best beach in Costa Maya near cruise port? ›

Mahahual Beach

Mahuahual is definitely a contender for the best beach in Costa Maya as it offers so much to visitors. It's the closest beach to the cruise port, only taking a few minutes in a cab.

How do I get from Costa Maya to Mahahual cruise port? ›

Want a ride from the Costa Maya port into Mahahual? Taxis are everywhere both at the port and in town, and the cost seems to be a consistent $4 per person for the 5-10 minute ride between the two spots. Just ask the price before you hop in. If they quote you more, find another cab.

Where is Mahahual Beach? ›

Mahahual is a tiny beachfront town that comes to life when cruise ships pull up to its port. The fishing village, part of Grand Costa Maya, is less than two hours from Chetumal and features the largest coral atoll in Mexico.

How far from Playa del Carmen to Mahahual? ›

The distance between Playa del Carmen and Mahahual is 138 miles, or approximately 221 kilometers. The earliest departure leaves at 07:50 and has a duration of 3 hours 35 minutes. The fastest way to travel is by bus, which takes approximately 3 hours 35 minutes.

Are there monkeys in Costa Maya? ›

More common are spider monkeys, which can become pests as they become more comfortable with humans. Uyumil Che (nicknamed the "Monkey Farm") is a foundation dedicated to returning tamed spider monkeys into the wild.

What is the best month to go to Costa Maya? ›

Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit Costa Maya is from November to May when average daily temperatures are around 80 degrees. Avoid late summer and early fall, which is hurricane / rainy season in Costa Maya.

Can you walk from port at Costa Maya? ›

When your ship docks in Costa Maya cruise port, you'll moor up to a T-shaped pier, which can accommodate up to four cruise ships at a time. Once you've disembarked, it's quite a long walk along the pier to the terminal. But there's a complimentary trolley if you don't want to, or can't make the walk.

Is there a free beach at Costa Maya? ›

Specifically, the area near the lighthouse in Mahahual features some free beach access.

Do I need pesos in Costa Maya? ›

This is just part of traveling, and it is also more respectful to countries to use the national currency. Many Mexicans make it easy-to-use dollars and this makes it easier for many tourists that come to Mexico. You will, however, make the best use of your money if you exchange it and use pesos.

How far is Mahahual from airport? ›

It's 221 miles (356 km) from Cancun Airport to Mahahual. The Cancun to Mahahual drive time is about 4.5 hours in normal traffic.

Is there a difference between Costa Maya and Puerto Costa Maya? ›

What is this? Situated along the turquoise-colored Caribbean Sea, Puerto Costa Maya (Costa Maya cruise port) and its nearby towns rest between the sea and the deep jungle. Geographically speaking, Costa Maya, Mexico is located on the Yucatan peninsula, near the southern border of Quintana Roo, one of 32 Mexican states.

What is the population of Mahahual? ›

Urban Locality
NameMunicipalityPopulation Census 2020-03-15
MahahualOthón P. Blanco2,636
Mahahual 2,636 Population [2020] – Census 2.280 km² Area 1,156/km² Population Density [2020] 11% Annual Population Change [2010 → 2020]

How do you get from Mahahual to Tulum? ›

The cheapest way to get from Mahahual to Tulum is to bus which costs $150 - $350 and takes 3h 50m. What is the fastest way to get from Mahahual to Tulum? The fastest way to get from Mahahual to Tulum is to drive which takes 3h 29m and costs $390 - $600.

How far is the beach from Costa Maya? ›

To find a beach where you'll have your choice of activities to choose from, head north from Costa Maya to Uvero Beach, about 40 minutes away from Costa Maya Village.

What is Playa Norte known for? ›

Playa Norte, located in Isla Mujeres, is known for its crystal clear waters with one of the most unique landscapes that meet the eye, and according to Travelers Choice ( by Trip Advisor), it has been ranked once again as one of the best beaches around the globe.

Is Costa Maya Mexico nice? ›

Costa Maya, Mexico is a beautiful port that gets swept under the rug by Cancun and other, more popular areas including the cruise destination of Cozumel, just 130 miles away. However, it sports all the beauty and wonders Mexico has to offer.


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