Kaiser Dog Food Recall History (Fully Updated, Continuously Monitored) (2023)

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Important recall information follows.

Kaiser Dog Food Recall History (Fully Updated, Continuously Monitored) (2)

Cesar dog food products are produced in the Mars Petcare division of Mars, Inc. in USA. The company is headquartered in McLean, Virginia.


Cesar dates back to the 1930s when it was known asShield, but the Cesar brand name was not used for dog food in the United States until more than half a century later.

Below we share more information about the history of this pet food, including the recent recall of Caesar's dog food.

Cesar fast facts

The brand range includes:Cesar Classic Bread, Cesar Filet with Gravy, Cesar Bread and Topper, Cesar Easy to Make, Cesar Minis, Cesar Family Food, Cesar Puppy, Cesar Fudge, Cesar Meat Bites, Cesar Meat Bite
Where can it be bought: Kaiser dog food latest offers
Company:mars inc
Headquarters:6885 Elm St, McLean, VA 22101
Contact information:1-800-525-5273,e-mail,internet side

The history of Kaiser dog food

Cesar began producing canned food called Kal Kan in 1936. It was produced in Vernon, California, near Los Angeles, by what was then called the Stirling Packing Company.

Sterling Packaging brings together two niche companies. By slaughtering horses that were no longer useful, they could supply dog ​​meat at an affordable price to a country that did not have as much love for horses as we do now.

In 1946 the company was re-incorporated as Kal Kan Foods Inc. In the same year, the company registeredKalkan trademarkThe honest description is "canned horsemeat and gravy".

In 1952, the Kal Kan plant in Vernon was managed by the Butchers Local 563 union. Kal Kan Foods continued to expand until it had factories in several locations in the United States.


Under the direction of Mars, Inc.

In the 1960s, Kal Kan was purchased by Mars Inc., still known for its chocolate bars and M&Ms.

In the 1960s, most dog food manufacturers bought scraps and underclass vegetables as ingredients in dry dog ​​food. Meat has been replaced by soy and corn derivatives to make dry food, and canned dog food still mostly contains meat that is unfit for human consumption.

However, this trend must change as more and more dog food consumers see their pets as family members and child surrogates. In 1988, Mars changed the name of its entire line of dog food topedigree.

Kaiser Dog Food Recall History (Fully Updated, Continuously Monitored) (3)

Mars always shows the way

Mars, Incorporated worked hard and successfully anticipated market changes, and the shift away from the famous "Kal Kan" brand coincided with a dramatic change in the way consumers saw and talked about their pets.

In the 1980s, it became increasingly common for people to value their pets, including rescued dogs and cats. Whether the animals are show champions or registered breeds, they are now family.

The name "Pedigree" keeps pace with the dog's transformation from minor citizen to family member.

Mars' success is also built on the early recognition that consumers love limitless variety. To that end, the company has launched a subcategory of dog food called Pedigree Select, marketed specifically for small companion dogs.

Cesar: Dog food for small dogs with big personalities

In the late 1990s, Pedigree Select changed its name to Cesar Select Dinings. The Cesar brand is popular in Europe and Asia, but is completely new to American consumers.

Cesar's marketing is based on the assumption that owners of small dogs often see their puppies as hilarious Napoleonic figures who make demands out of proportion to their size.

used to beFROMRecalled pet food?

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A TV commercial before and after the name change illustrates this marketing mentality. In the ad, a bossy little breed grabs his pajama bottoms and drags him out of bed. The tagline reads: "What does the head of the family eat? Only the best."

Cesar is packaged in small oval cans, just like another brand of cat food from MarsSheba.

The octagonal tray design is patented and the company has also trademarked the individual food containers and the famous image of Cesar's little white dog.west highland white terrier.

lots of possibilities

1998,advertising ageCesar is the seventh best-selling dog food brand in the United States, with $43 million in revenue, the report said. Meanwhile, the reporter asked, "How many brands of a given breed or a given size can the market...can support?"

That piece went on to question whether grocery and pet stores have room for so much variety: "You can only stock so much."

However, history has shown that larger stores can be built - indeed, consumers will have almost endless options.


Companies that failed to recognize the trend fell behind as Mars continued to expand.

As of 2020, Mars Petcare is the world's leading pet food company with over $18 billion in annual revenue, according to data.the animal feed industry.

Recipes for every need

Cesar has a range of cookbooks and recipes, from classic sandwiches to family favourites.

Cesar's Simply Crafted range is intended as a limited ingredient addition to a regular meal. Each is made with a handful of ingredients and no artificial colors or flavors. For example, Simply Crafted Chicken contains only 100% real chicken and water.

Cesar is described as a tasty wet dog food specially formulated for small dogs of all ages. "These meals are designed to satisfy the pickiest of eaters," says Cesar.

In the next section below, we discuss the Caesar's dog food recall story.

Kaiser Dog Food Recall History (Fully Updated, Continuously Monitored) (5)

Has Kaiser dog food ever been recalled?

Yes, there has been a recall of Kaiser dog food in recent years.

existsOctober 2016Mars Inc. is recalling some lots of Cesar Classics Filet Mignon wet dog food after reports of tiny pieces of plastic found in the food.

"While a small number of consumer reports have found plastic fragments, we have not received any reports of injury or illness related to the affected products," the company said. "We apologize for the inconvenience this recall may cause you. ."

Days after the recall was announced, a Maryland woman reported ither dog diedAfter eating Caesar filet mignon. She didn't realize it had been recalled.

The woman told reporters her dog "looked really bad" after eating the food, "having trouble breathing" before spitting out "big plastic things" before collapsing. He died in her arms when she took him outside to the vet.

Mars responded that it was investigating the allegations.

In a follow-up safety inspection nine months later, the company admitted it was still receiving complaints from consumers about the presence of foreign bodies, including insects, in its various brands of pet food, such aspedigree. Mars insists it is working to fully implement corrective measures.

Pest control records at a Mars canning facility in Columbus, Ohio, showed flies crawling in damaged cans, and dozens of employees complained of cockroaches in the area, especially at night. Various employees described seeing "more cockroaches", "cockroaches", "cockroaches everywhere" and even "millions of cockroaches" - we hope this is just an exaggeration.

FDA inspectors personally observed 2 live cockroaches. The FDA has highlighted the seriousness of the pest problem, which the company is "committed to correcting."

Full details of the 2016 recall are below. In an extensive search of news archives dating back more than 30 years, the Petful research team found no other recalls of Cesar dog food or its predecessor, Pedigree Select, in the United States.

Kaiser Dog Food Recall List

October 2016

reason:Plastic fragments can pose a choking hazard.announcement:The company's announcement date is 7 October 2016 (archive here).remember what:Cesar Classics Filet Mignon wet food for dogs in the following packages:

  • Individually packaged with a "best before" date of 04/08/2018 or 05/08/2018, lot #631FKKC or 631GKKC
  • "Best before" dates for various packages are 04/08/2018 or 05/08/2018, lot #632D14JC, 633B24JC, 634A14JC, 634A24JC, 634B14JC, 634B234E 5B, 634B234E 5B, 5B 5B, 5B 1 4JC, 636D24J C or 636E14JC

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