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we've told you howplanFor Disney World, we will now tell you howPrepareTo Disney World. There is a difference!

A Disney World vacation is unlike any other type of vacation. This is not an easy beach holiday. It is an exciting, thrill-seeking, captivating adventure. But it can be very difficult. On a hot day you can end up in a long queue. You can expect occasional ride breakdowns and major storms. Sometimes your family members begin to wither in the heat like thirsty plants. You may start to feel irritable and hungry. Let's not even talk about cost! (Actually, we will discuss the cost). Preparing for your first trip to Disney World is like preparing for a marathon. You need to be healthy, organized and save to get the most out of your vacation.

But fear not! Our guide on how to prepare for your first Disney World trip has plenty of great advice to help you get ready for the most magical place on earth.

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Get ready for Disney World

When you go to Disney World, you walk a lot. You can easily walk at least 20,000 steps a day. So you need a pair of very comfortable shoes. You also need to build up your stamina to walk in hot weather. You may also need to prepare your body for fast travel and exotic food.

So here are some tips to get your body ready for Disney World:

  • go for a long walkSign up for the political parties in your country. (It's even better if there's a heat wave in your country before you fly to Florida.)
  • test shoesYou use it for your comfort. Don't wear new shoes on holiday.
  • use Padded running socks.
  • trying to lose weightif you need. The less weight you put on your feet and legs the better (within reason).
  • expand your palette. Disney World offers more than just theme park food. They often host food festivals and offer dishes from around the world. What smells can your body tolerate? Test it before you go. Try food from all over the world by playing the gamemagic carpet game.
  • Test your tolerance for fast driving. Some rides at Disney World have been known to induce nausea. Test your tolerance for fast rides at your local amusement park.

nausea treatment:

(These are over-the-counter treatments. If you have a medical condition or concern, please consult your doctor or pharmacist before use.)

MQ Anti-nausea patch
Vertigo Complex Anti-Nausea Tablets
essential oil inhalation stick
Shiatsu wrist strap

Be prepared for heatstroke. read our post10 tips to keep cool in hot weather.

Notice: See which rides your children can also ride. If they are little, they might want to try some smaller slides at home before trying Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. You don't want to scare your kids while you're on vacation.

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Get a health checkup and get ready for Disney World

It is highly recommended to book a health check before traveling to Disney World. Make sure your blood pressure is normal and check the medication you are taking. Before you travel, you should seek advice from a doctor about any health problems you may have. Be sure to order enough prescription medication in advance.

Notice: Definitely wear it if you have damaged veins in your legs, even small spider veinscompression stockingson the plane to reduce the riskdeep vein thrombosis.

Useful over-the-counter medicines:

antidiarrheal tablet
Tablets for constipation

Get ready for Disney World

Do your research, watch the videos and find out what to expect. It's easy to get excited about Disney World, but it might not live up to your expectations. That's because Disney World is full of excitement and crowds. A lot of people! Expect a long queue. Regardless of your vacation budget, expect to pay more. Expect to be very tired and consider rest days. Be sure to measure your expectations. Disney World is fun, but if you're overtired, overstimulated, or disorganized, it can create unnecessary stress and fights for the family. Make sure you're ready for Disney World.

Get your wallets ready for Disney World

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Disney World is very expensive. Some perks that used to be free now cost money. Disney World doesn't even offer a free meal plan for UK residents anymore. Right now it's food and beverage credits only and doesn't cover the whole holiday. So you have to budget well.

Buy all the essentials you need before you travel. use ourspacking listAs a guide to things that travel to Disney World.

If you're staying in a hotel that doesn't have self-catering facilities, it's worth bringing your own plastic bowl and spoon so you can eat breakfast in your room.

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Order groceries for delivery

Even if you're staying at a Disney hotel, you can order groceries delivered to your hotel.

garden grocer- Garden grocer offers delivery to most Disney and Good Neighbor properties. Not so with swans and dolphins. They have no minimum order, but there is a $14 delivery fee for orders under $200.

walmart– The excellent Walmart has almost everything you could possibly need, plus it offers same-day delivery. Shipping costs vary depending on the size of your order. Walmart does not serve alcohol.

instant shopping cart- One of the cool things about Instacart is that you can choose which stores you want to use and your personal shopper will go to all of them. The biggest downside is that you don't know exactly how much your bill will be until you check out.

Amazon delivery of groceries– If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can order groceries from Amazon. They buy groceries at Whole Foods, but can also ship other items you may have forgotten, such as American plugs.

Create a clear budget Excel spreadsheet

If you're wondering how much you'll need, start researching the costs of food, travel and souvenirs before you travel.

mad– There are three types of restaurants in Disney World: specialty restaurants, table service, and quick service. In addition, some of these restaurants offer character catering. Specialty restaurants are the most expensive option, but offer the highest quality food. Table service restaurants are also a bit expensive and many table service restaurants have a set menu. Character meals cost a little more than normal. Fast food restaurants offer some of the most affordable options in Disney World. To get a good idea of ​​the average price of food, check the website for each Disney-owned restaurant's menu.Disney World Official Website.

transport- Transportation around the park and Disney hotels is free. But if you want to get away from Disney World, use a car sharing app, bus or rental car. Download the Uber and Lyft app to your phone to check prices before you go.

If you are considering a rental car for your vacation, be aware of gas prices in the United States and parking fees at Disney World.

For more information on Disney transportation options, see our postPlan your first trip to Disney World.

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souvenir- Think carefully about the souvenirs you want to buy at Disney World. It's easy to buy things impulsively and then never use them.

I've already decided what I want when I'm at Disney World, eg. wall art, Pandora charms and handbags. These items are built to last.

Buy Disney toys before your trip or at a nearby store instead of at Disney World itself. If your child wants something from the store, give them a toy you bought in advance.

Be sure to budget if your kids want to experience things like building their own robot or lightsaber on the edge of the galaxy.

Watch our videos on shopping at Disney World or shopping at the Disney Online Store to learn about item pricing.

Add all of these costs to your budgeting spreadsheet before you go so you have a good idea of ​​what Orlando will cost you.

Use a VPN application

In the UK we can't always buy in advance what we want in the US. You need to download a VPN (Virtual Private Network) app. Once this is done, you can book Disney World experiences such asbuild a robotorSavy's study. You can also book O2 parties at:typhoon lake.

There are some paid VPNs and some free VPNs. The benefit of a VPN is that it encrypts your data, which helps prevent hackers from trying to collect your personal information and search history.

Here are some VPNs that can be used:

climb the wall- I use this on my phone. It is free to use. When I want to look like I'm in America, I just turn it on and I can pre-order stuff on the Disney World website.

tunnel bear- The basic package is free to use. It is very simple to use.

expat british– This is a paid service, but you can use it worldwide to access UK media content.

fast vpn– One of the top 10 VPNs in the world. It's a paid service, but it only costs £11.22 a month to use.

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be organized

  • Print out all documents and double check that names and dates are relevant.
  • Buy a file folder to store all your files. I use a likethis here. But I added the Disney image to the front.
  • Start packing at least two weeks before departure.
  • Write down a to-do list of things you need to do before you leave, such as finding someone to feed your cat.
  • Watch tons of YouTube videos about Disney World to see what to expect.
  • Join Disney World planning social media groups for more tips.
  • Sign up for our newsletter for a free event booklet. This will keep your kids entertained on long flights.


Hope some of these tips help you get ready for Disney World. What advice do you have when visiting the most amazing places on earth? Please add your comments below.


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