How to Make a Resume in Google Docs (5 Built-in Templates) (2023)

One of the best things about using word processors like Google Docs is that you can use templates to easily create documents that you might otherwise have trouble with. One of the main examples of this is the creation of resumes. In short, just open the Google Docs template library and choose a resume outline to work from. If you need more details on how to make a resume in Google Docs, read on for more information.


Make sure you get your next job

Google Suite is an essential part of many workplaces. If you came here to make your resume, consider making onecomplete course of G Suiteon Udemy so you can add proficiency in this area to the skills section of your resume.

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Things to include on a resume

A resume or CV is a formal document that contains all the professional details used to apply for jobs. Details include your qualifications, skills, work experience, notable achievements, and education. A cover letter is often accompanied by a resume, which helps illustrate your skills and abilities to your employers and convince them that you can be hired and qualified for the job.

Before applying for almost any job, it is necessary to have a resume. The resume should be sent to the employer so they can determine if you can be considered for the specific job.

Depending on the job you are applying for, you should add all of your relevant professional details to your resume. A resume should have these five things:

  1. Contact information:You must add your first and last name, email address, and phone number. If you have one, you can also add your LinkedIn account. Although you don't need to add your mailing address, you may want to add your city so your employers know you live near their company.
  2. Introduction:An introduction can be in the form of an abstract or resume objective. It should include all of your qualifications and work history.
  3. Education:This section may include the name of your schools and your highest ratings, which may be higher or lower. Also, you can add relevant courses if they are related to your desired role or if you have no prior experience.
  4. Experience:In this section you can add all your relevant experiences in the specific field. It should have the title, the organization he worked for, and how many years he worked there. You can make a bulleted list to give an overview of all responsibilities and accomplishments.
  5. Skills:In this section, add the skills relevant only to the position you are applying for. To illustrate that you are a well-rounded candidate, list a combination of yoursoft and hard skills.

What is a resume for?

The sole purpose of your resume is to demonstrate to employers that you are a qualified candidate for the position. Convince employers to consider you for the job and offer you an interview. Many job applicants feel that a resume should include your entire employment history. However, this is usually not the case.

A resume should be an advertisement for yourself. It should only contain your professional experience that is most relevant to the position you are applying for. Highlight your relevant skills, experience, achievements, and strengths. Employers will consider you for the position and offer you more interviews if you can make your CV as clear as possible with details relevant to your profession.

Elements of a Google Docs resume template

To make a good resume, you need to choose a template that is visually appealing, easy to read, and allows you to write all the necessary resume components. However, make sure that theApplicant Tracking System (ATS)you can easily read the template you choose.

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Employers use ATS software to store, archive, and search candidate resumes; he keeps them organized and helps find the best candidates for the job who meet the required qualifications. The ATS software is advanced but not perfect. Any formatting issues can make it difficult or even impossible for the software to read your resume accurately.

Be sure to exclude any of these items when formatting:

  • Mesas
  • Images.This includes photos, graphics, graphics, logos or other images or text.
  • text boxes
  • Header
  • Plinth
  • Fuentes.These should not be the least common.
  • columns.The ATS software is programmed to read from left to right. They don't read the columns from top to bottom; they often read the columns horizontally. Columns can be used if they don't change the process of reading your resume.

How to use resume templates for Google Docs

If you don't want to create your resume from scratch, there are some resume mockups for Google Docs that you can use. See how to use Google Docs resume formats in the template gallery:

  1. Opengoogle docsin your web browser and sign in to your Google account. This will take you to the main Documents page.
How to Make a Resume in Google Docs (5 Built-in Templates) (1)
  1. Here, clicktemplate gallerybutton at the top right of the screen.
How to Make a Resume in Google Docs (5 Built-in Templates) (2)
  1. Scroll down to find theresumessection. Here you will find some templates that you can use. Click on the template you want to use and it will open in the Google Docs editor screen. For this example, we are using themodern writer resumemodel.
  2. The template will have placeholder text in the fields where you can add your data. Start by adding your name, email, phone number, and address in the fields at the top.
  3. Then start adding your skills, experience, and other relevant data.
How to Make a Resume in Google Docs (5 Built-in Templates) (3)
  1. After making the changes, you can download or print the resume. To download the resume template for Google Docs, click onArchivein the main top bar andDescargarin the drop down menu. Here, select the format in which you want to download the file (usually PDF).
How to Make a Resume in Google Docs (5 Built-in Templates) (4)
  1. You can also print the Google Docs resume template directly by clicking onArchiveand thenPrint.

If you want to download the file for printing, we suggest using theDocumento PDF (.pdf)format during download. This will prevent the file from being edited later unless specific software is used, making it easier to print. However, if you want to allow edits to the resume, you can download it fromMicrosoft Word (.docx),which is widely compatible with word processors such as Docs and Microsoft Word. Although you can alsoconvert PDF back to other file typeslater.

Best Google Doc Resume Template from Template Gallery

Google Docs already has tons of templates for creating a resume quickly. All the models mentioned here are compatible with ATS software.

Choral Curriculum

This is an excellent template that is easy to use and read and uses color to give a clear direction of where all the elements are in the document. Most of the main categories, such asSkills,Experience,Education, miawardsthey are highlighted by a coral color. The beginning of the resume allows you to add contact details such as address, phone number, and email.

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How to Make a Resume in Google Docs (5 Built-in Templates) (5)

However, there is a small problem that you can easily fix. Be sure to remove "Hello" and "I'm" at the top, as ATS software usually picks them up. So, you can simply add your name at the top of the resume.

Peppermint Curriculum

While the Coral template is more focused on making a general resume, the Spearmint template is better suited for people already working in a specific field. It has contact details at the top and main categories such asSkills,Experience,Education, miawardsTowards the bottom.

How to Make a Resume in Google Docs (5 Built-in Templates) (6)

This Google Docs resume template is compatible with ATS software, so feel free to add any relevant details. When completing this resume template, please format the content correctly in theExperiencecategory using the appropriate markers.

Modern Resume Writer

As the name suggests, this Google Docs resume template looks modern. Colors are used to emphasize names and locations rather than the field. Like the other templates, the contact information is at the top, while the other fields take up the rest of the page.

How to Make a Resume in Google Docs (5 Built-in Templates) (7)

Skills are added at the top of the page, but feel free to change the order of the fields or remove them entirely or add new ones based on your needs.

Tips for Using a Google Docs Resume Template

Google Docs resume templates are about more than just copying and pasting your information into the file. The template is simply a guide on what to add. Here are some things you need to do to make your resume your own:

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  • Enter the correct information:Be sure to review all of your resume content before finalizing it, as the templates have placeholder text that can be accidentally left in the fields. You can also share the file with a friend by clicking the blue share button in the top right corner for their review.
  • Have your resume:Make any necessary changes to the template so it doesn't look like another resume. Change the header colors and use different fonts (but not super unusual fonts). Change the size of the headings and add proper formatting for the bullets. Here is an example oflibrary-edited swiss curriculum. You can make the font larger or smaller to ensure that the content fits on the page. You can delete unnecessary sections and add new ones relevant to the job you are applying for.
  • Adapt the template:When adding your skills and experiences to the Google Docs resume template, make sure to keep it short and to the point. You don't want to add too much information as the reader will just ignore it. However, adding less information means the reader won't know anything about you. Review the template to remove any misspellings, which will help make your resume look more professional.

frequent questions

Does Google Docs have free resume templates?

Google Docs has free resume templates. You can use them in Google Docs simply by clicking on thetemplate galleryin the upper right corner of the main screen in Google Docs.

Is it better to create a resume in Google Docs or Word?

Google Docs is the best way to make a resume using a template. However, Docs templates are very common, which means they're not good to use if you want to create a standout professional resume. Docs and Word have similar features, so there isn't much of a difference when using one or the other to create a resume.

What is the best resume format in Google Docs?

Google Docs offers several resume templates that you can use to create your resume. The best are the resume templates from Coral, Spearmint, and Modern Writer, which can be read by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

How do I get my resume to fit on a single page in Google Docs?

If your template content does not fit on the page, go to page settings by clickingArchiveand thenpage setup. Here, reduce the left and right margins to fit more content on the page. You can also reduce the font size and reduce white space around headings or the space between lines and paragraphs.


That's all you need to know about how to make a resume in Google Docs from an existing template. Even if you decide to create one "from scratch", we recommend that you use one of the templates and change the colors and fonts just to ensure full compatibility with the ATS software.


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