Every Ride at Universal Orlando, Classified (2023)

Step inside your favorite movie at Universal Orlando's theme parks - Universal Studios Florida and Universal's Islands of Adventure - for an unforgettable experience. asTravel + leisure'As a working theme park specialist, I have spent countless hours on the ground researching and experiencing the attractions firsthand to find the best rides at Universal Orlando and help you plan your next trip to this theme park resort.

Universal Studios Orlando, established in 1990, isSecond largest theme park resortindeorlandoarea afterwalt disney world.Throughout its history, Universal Orlando has grown to include new rides and attractions based on successful film and television franchises such asJurassic Park, The Simpsons, recently,harry potter.AdditionalThe Wizarding World of Harry PotterMany rides were introduced to the park, bringing great success and new popularity to Universal Orlando. Before your next visit to any of these theme parks, plan what you want to experience fromExciting rides, family-friendly attractions that kids will love, and everything in between. To help, we've rounded up the best rides at Universal Orlando so you know they deserve to be at the top of your list.

Every ride at Walt Disney World, ranked

Best Rides at Universal Studios Florida

Every Ride at Universal Orlando, Classified (1)

1. Harry Potter and the Great Escape from Gringotts

The highlight of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Diagon Alley, this attraction is truly the best ride at Universal Studios Florida. The queue itself is impressive and the leprechauns look straight out of the movies. The rides are also very unique, combining dark ride and coaster elements with 3-D projections to create a truly immersive and exciting experience.

2. Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit

This is by far the most exciting ride at Universal Studios Florida. The Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit roller coaster lets riders choose their own soundtrack (there are more than two dozen songs to choose from, including Fergie's "Glamorous" and the Beastie Boys' "Sabotage" — plus a secret playlist) and then head vertically upward a distance A thrilling ride at speeds of up to 65 mph.

3. Revenge of the Mummy

Compared to other screen-based attractions at Universal Studios Florida, this indoor roller coaster is based onmorBoth exciting and not scary. Immersive design and exciting practical effects make it a personal favorite that I love to ride again and again.

4. Men in Black Alien Attack

enterMand i sortTrain the facility and zap aliens in this interactive dark ride. With 120 animatronic aliens, this ride is fun, engaging and worth enjoying more than once to see if you can beat your high score.

5. Alien Adventure

ONE. have a good reason. Adventure is the last remaining open day attraction at Universal Orlando. Sure, it's a bit dated, but the ride is just as charming as the bike ride from 1990, and now it offers even more nostalgia.

6. Simpsons

Follow the crazy antics of the Simpsons in this fun motion simulator journey. Fans of the show will love all the references and details, and the action is smooth and realistic (although it can be intense for those prone to motion sickness).

7. Hogwarts Express: King's Cross Station

Climb aboard the famous Hogwarts Express and experience magicharry potterFilms for this attraction. King's Cross appears to be in London and is a quick and easy way to get to Islands of Adventure. You can really imagine yourself boarding the train to Hogwarts and arriving at Hogsmeade makes it even more magical.

8. Race in New York starring Jimmy Fallon

fans ofshow i aftenWill love this 3-D motion simulator tour led by Jimmy Fallon, which takes guests around New York City. The extensive queue looks as impressive as 30 Rockefeller Plaza.

Every Ride at Universal Orlando, Classified (2)

9. Despicable Me Minion Smash Bros.

As one of the first attractions visitors arrive at after entering the park, this simulated ride can have a long wait. It's great for families, so fansdespicable MeThe movie must be checked out. Good news for the little ones: morehenchmen- The theme park opens this summer, including a new attraction.

10. Kang & Kodos 的 Twirl 'n' Hurl

this hereThe Simpsons- Theme rides are a good option for children, but they are not the most exciting rides in this park. That said, it's worth the trip (if the line is short) to enjoy the view of the park as you fly around in circles.

11. Transform 3-D

Several of the park's recently debuted rides rely heavily on screens and motion simulators, and while that works for some attractions, this one is a bit jarring, despite its fansTransformersMovies will love it.

12. The Fast and the Furious – Supercharged

One of the newest rides at the park, The Fast and the Furious - Supercharged, was highly anticipated, but many felt it didn't live up to the hype. Fans of the movie series might want to check it out, but if you're short on time, there are better rides at this park.

Best rides at Universal's Islands of Adventure

Every Ride at Universal Orlando, Classified (3)

1. Harry Potter's Forbidden Journey

This incredible dark ride combines innovative technology and a unique ride system to fully immerse visitorsharry potterhistory. Plus, it's located inside Hogwarts Castle and the queues are absolutely amazing with replicas in the classroom, messages from the Sorting Hat and more. It's worth riding again and again – you're almost guaranteed to notice something new each time.

2. Hagrid's Fantastic Beasts Motorcykeleventyr

Many have touted this beautifully themed coaster as the best in the park, and once you've experienced it, it's easy to see why. Soar through beautiful landscapes on Hagrid's motorbike, encountering some fantastic creatures and surprises along the way.

3. Jurassic World Extreme roller coaster

Islands of Adventure's new addition may have the most thrilling rides of any Orlando theme park. thisJurassic World themed roller coasterNot for the faint of heart - it's tall, fast and has multiple handstands - and it's an added thrill for thrill seekers coming to the park. For coaster lovers, this might even be the best coaster at Universal Orlando.

4. Jurassic Park River Adventure

What begins as a peaceful boat ride through Jurassic Park quickly turns into a thrilling escape that ends with an 85-foot drop. Whether you're a fan of classic dinosaur movies or not, this tour is worth taking at least once - the splashy attractions never disappoint.

5. The Incredible Hulk rutsjebane

One of the most thrilling rides at Islands of Adventure – including seven inversions and a 67 mph kick – the Incredible Hulk coaster is a must-do for any thrill seeker.

6. Hippogriffens flight

This family-friendly roller coaster is realharry potter- Themeland. The ride is short, but there is a great view of Hogwarts from the train (the train looks like a buzzard). Be sure to wave to Buckbeak as you glide along the shore.

7. The Adventures of Spider-Man

Step into your favorite comics in Marvel's Island of Super Heroes. The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man is a 3D simulation game that immerses you in the action of a superhero. When the attraction debuted in 1999, it was widely recognized for its pioneering use of new ride technology, and it's still a fun time to this day.

8. Hogwarts Express: Hogsmeade Station

The Hogwarts Express allows visitors to travel between the two parks at Universal Orlando without ever leaving the magical Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and is a must-see if you plan to visit both parks in one day. The Hogsmeade side of the Hogwarts Express is just as interesting as King's Cross.

9. Aerial Seuss Tram Tour

Hop on this bus for a sightseeing tour of Sousse Pier. The train ride actually has two tracks, so you can enjoy a different story on the second ride. It's a fun, gentle ride, perfect for families.

10. Dudley Do-Right 的 Ripsaw Falls

A classic ride with a cartoon twist, perfect for cooling off in the Florida heat. Vibrant colors, retro cartoon vignettes and multiple drips will keep guests entertained, even if they've never heard of Dudley Do-Right—as long as they don't mind getting wet.

11. The Cat in the Hat

This dark tour takes you directly into one of Dr. Seuss's most beloved stories, it's fun for kids and nostalgic for adults who remember it from childhood - just keep an eye out for Mischief 1 and Thing 2.

Every Ride at Universal Orlando, Classified (4)

12. Popeye and Pluto's bilge rat barge

Navigate rapids on this rough water cruise, but beware: you'll get wet. While it's perfect for a hot Florida day, you might want to skip it if the sun isn't out or if you don't want to walk around in soaked shoes all day (from a wet experience).

13. Carlo Seuss The

The entire Seuss theme park is full of whimsy, and this ride puts a fun twist on classic theme park attractions, with Seuss-inspired characters replacing traditional carousels. Alternatively, head straight over to the Green Eggs and Ham Cafe for some green eggs and ham taters.

14. Pterosaur Flyer

This gentle dino ride is designed for kids so adults can't ride without kids 36 to 56 inches tall. If you get the chance to jump on it, you'll get a great view of the park as you soar.

15. Storm Force Accelerator

This hero-themed spinning teacup ride isn't the most exciting option in the park, but it's fun and worth a try if you don't have to wait in line.

16. Doctor Doom's fear

This exciting space shooter ride is not for the faint of heart - expect thrilling falls. This villain-themed attraction is fun for thrill seekers, but it's not that different from the drop rides you'll find at your local theme park.

17. One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish

Climb aboard an adorable flying fish on this spinning ride with Dr. Seuss theme. It's ideal for younger children who can't yet take on the more intense rides in the park - they'll love the ability to control the rides, but watch out for the fountains.

18. Skull Island: Kongo

This trackless dark ride is based onking kongIs quite a polarizing attraction - the animatronics are incredible, the queue theme is good, but the screen-based parts are a bit lackluster, similar to Universal Studios Florida's Fast and Furious - Supercharged.

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