Disneyland Character Dining: Mickey's Adventure Stories at Storytellers Café (2023)

Disneyland Character Dining: Mickey's Adventure Stories at Storytellers Café (1)We Frogs are big fans of character meals; After all, it combines two of our favorite things! There's something to be said for fueling up with delicious food while greeting your favorite friends at the same time. and ohhoppedday: character hugs and table visits returned to the character dinner at Storytellers Café. Mickey's Tales of Adventure Buffet Breakfast and Brunch at Storytellers Café inDisney's Grand California HotelIt's one of our favorite character dining experiences at Disneyland. It offers buffet service. At brunch, it also includes table service items that you can order from your server.

UssombreroAfter the hugs from the characters I went back to see what it was like. The food was just as delicious as we remembered it, and the character interactions weretotallyincredible. This is what character dining at Storytellers Café looks like right now in terms of food and character interactions.

Breakfast and lunch buffet with Mickey's Tales of Adventure characters at Storytellers Café

Disneyland Character Dining: Mickey's Adventure Stories at Storytellers Café (2)

Keep in mind that things change quickly at the Disneyland Resort these days, while Disneyland is still in the reopening phase. Ourdisneyland reopeningThe post has all the details you need to know about visiting now. As things get back to normal, the situation may evolve, so keep going.skipback to the latest news.

Disneyland Character Dining: Mickey's Adventure Stories at Storytellers Café (3)

(Video) Character Dining Is Back At Disney's Storytellers Cafe With Buffet Breakfast! Disneyland Resort

Please check the face covering policy at the Disneyland Resort prior to your visit, as a face covering may be required indoors. Policies change frequently, so we keep ourmask policy postupdated with the latest news. On our most recent visit, masks were not required inside and characters were allowed to approach guests.

Tad filmed our dining experience so you can get a feel for the action when it comes to character interactions and tasty food at this location. Check it! This video is from July 2021, but check back soon for May 2022.

Planning dinner with the characters in Mickey's Tales of Adventure

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you are going to wantmake a reservationfor breakfast any day of the week (or brunch Friday-Sunday), as dinner at this restaurant is characterless. You can reserve dinner up to 60 days before your visit, starting at 6 a.m. These days, dinner reservations fill up quickly. If you don't see any times, keep checking because reservations are released at different times of the day. As the date approaches, you may be able to pick up someone else's cancellation, so don't lose hope!

If you still can't secure a reservation, you can join the Walk-Up list on the day of your visit. There is a button on the Storytellers page in the Disneyland app to join the Walk-Up list.

(Video) Disney’s Storytellers Cafe! | Breakfast Buffet & Character Dining | 2022

Arrival at the Hotel and Restaurant

Disneyland Character Dining: Mickey's Adventure Stories at Storytellers Café (5)This restaurant is located inDisney's Grand California Hotel. If you are not staying on property or within walking distance and are driving to the Grand Californian, please stop by the valet. You get three hours of complimentary valet parking with validation. (Remember to validate your ticket at the restaurant billing counter).

The restaurant is located near the main entrance to the pool and around the corner from the hotel direct entrance todisney california adventure. In fact, on our recent hotel stay, we used the park entrance at park opening for rides with the shortest lines duringearly entryand for the first two hours of the day, we would sit down for lunch to fill our hungry stomachs before relaxing by the pool for a few hours. Everything is so conveniently close to each other and made for a great day. So, USAsombreroto Disneyland for the night and dinner. Everything is so conveniently close to each other and made for a great day. We didn't have to worry about waiting in line to see the characters in the park when the characters came to us at brunch!

When you check in, grab your courtesy button and let them know if you're celebrating a special occasion. You will be taken to your table. You pay at the end and taxes and tips are added to the bill. Be sure to show your server any discounts like Magic Key before you pay.

Food at Storytellers Café

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Breakfast options often go well with each otherDisneyland Character Dinnerbuffets, but this breakfast is a bit more upscale than some of the other buffets, with some options unique to this location. Guests can enjoy muffins, croissants, fruit, a cold cut plate, smoked salmon and a bagel, and agua fresca or other cold beverages. Entrées include scrambled eggs, egg white frittata (with spinach, tomato, and basil), eggs benedict, bacon, sausage, pancakes, Mickey waffles, berry French toast with whipped cream, chilaquiles, carved meats, and potato chips. breakfast tomorrow with impossible meat.

(Video) 2022 | Character Breakfast Storytellers Cafe | Grand Californian Hotel | Is it worth it?

Enjoy oatmeal with all the ingredients and a personalized tortilla. Juices, coffee and soft drinks are also included. Specialty coffee drinks, specialty drinks, and alcoholic drinks such as the best Bloody Mary, mimosa, bellini, or raspberry champagne cost extra. When it's time for brunch, more food comes out.

Disneyland Character Dining: Mickey's Adventure Stories at Storytellers Café (7)Brunch includes breakfast foods, a carving station, and a rotating menu of daily lunch specials, several of which remind us of some popular theme park items. Your server can bring out a few items upon request during brunch. You can expect all the breakfast items, as well as ciabatta bread, asparagus, salmon poke, crab cake, truffle fries, and beignet bites. Menus are subject to change. Tadpoles (or adults too) will enjoy chicken, grilled cheese, cheeseburgers, and more. These cheeseburgers are our favorite burger on the property, by the way! You can enjoy as much as you like for breakfast and brunch, so come hungry!

Characters in Storytellers Café

Disneyland Character Dining: Mickey's Adventure Stories at Storytellers Café (8)The food is great, but it's the characters you're after, right? You can expect to meet Mickey, Minnie, Pluto and Chip 'n' Dale at this character meal, though characters are subject to change, except for Mickey. He is a sure thing! After all, he isdo mickeyAdventure tales. The characters are dressed for adventure: Mickey is ready with all his gear for outdoor activities. Character interactions are a bit different these days. Just then, Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, and Chip 'n' Dale are wandering around the restaurant while you dine. They will stop at your table, pose for pictures and sign autographs. You can even get a hug if you want.

Disneyland Character Dining: Mickey's Adventure Stories at Storytellers Café (9)We had several characters sit in our booth and hang out with us! Lily fed Mickey pancakes and chatted with him for a while.Totallyfun! The characters passed our table several times during our brunch.

Prices, hours and service at Storytellers Café

It's a little more refined dining here in the cozy Craftsman-style dining room than, say, the Plaza Inn or Goofy's Kitchen. It has a more relaxed atmosphere and feels less crowded.

You will help yourself from the buffet. When brunch arrives around 11am. m., you can order selected items from your server. At the Plaza Inn, cast members put food from the buffet on your plate, and while we appreciate fewer hands touching silverware, we'd rather use hand sanitizer and pick out one more Mickey waffle without feeling self-conscious about it.

(Video) Disneyland Character Dining | Storytellers Cafe Brunch Review

Disneyland Character Dining: Mickey's Adventure Stories at Storytellers Café (10)Breakfast (daily) costs $49 per adult and $29 per child (ages 3-9), plus tax and gratuity. Breakfast is served from 7:00 am to 10:55 am. On brunch days the brunch food runs from 11:00am to 1:30pm. The last place for breakfast on brunch days is at 10:55 a.m. m. Brunch costs $51 per adult and $29 per child, plus tax and tips. Psst... it's all about when you sit down. So even if you book breakfast for 10:45 am. m., if you arrive late and sit at 11 a.m. m., you will be charged for brunch. But it is a small price difference. We enjoyed our brunch additions to our meal and left feeling full.

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Tips for Attending Mickey's Tales of Adventure Buffet

Follow these tips to make the most of your visit:

  • Reserve 60 days in advance.
  • Allow plenty of time to arrive, enjoy the hotel lobby and dinner.
  • Bring a camera.
  • Request a non-corner seat, facing the wall, so you can see the characters arrive.
  • If you eat breakfast later on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, you still have access to the breakfast items, but you can also try the brunch items.
  • Alert the server and host of any allergies or food preferences.

Have any questions about Mickey's Tales of Adventure Character Dining at Storytellers Café? Please let us know in the comments below. If you are looking to stay inyou can save someverdeswhen you book through Undercover Tourist. we also sell discountDisneyland Resort Theme Park Tickets.rib!

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Happy planning!

(Video) Mickey’s Tales of Adventure Breakfast | Storytellers Café Disney's Grand Californian Hotel [4K UHD]


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