Disneyland Character Dining: Complete Guide to Storytellers Cafe – Inside the Magic (2023)

Storytellers Cafe at the Disneyland Resort offers a delicious dining experience featuring some of our favorite Disney characters. Since this popular restaurant recently reopened, we've created this guide to help you plan your visit to Storytellers Cafe at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel & Spa.

Here are all the details you need to know, including how to make a restaurant reservation, what signs you'll see, where the restaurant is located, and more.

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What hotel is Storytellers Cafe located in?

Storytellers Cafe is located at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel & Spa. This fabulous hotel actually has its own entrance to Disney California Adventure, making this unique restaurant ideal for those who want to eat early and then enter the theme park to enjoy their favorite attractions before everyone else.

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How to get to Storytellers Cafe from Downtown Disney

If you are not staying at the Grand Californian, all you have to do is park in the Downtown Disney parking lot (Simba's parking lot) and walk through Downtown Disney to get to the Grand Californian and to the Storytellers Cafe. There is a fee to park here, but you can get a confirmation when you make a purchase at the Downtown Disney District.

Also, you can park at the Grand Californian if you don't want to walk through Downtown Disney. The Grand Californian will validate your parking for a few hours as you are dining at the hotel with a reservation at Storytellers Cafe.

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How do I get to Disney's Grand Californian Hotel & Spa?

It's hard to miss Disney's Grand Californian Hotel & Spa when visiting the Disneyland Resort. Located at 1600 Disneyland Drive, this large hotel connects guests to Downtown Disney and Disney California Adventure. Click for travel informationHere.

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Why should you make a reservation for Storytellers Cafe?

Storytellers Cafe is open for breakfast, weekend brunch, and dinner. Characters perform for breakfast and brunch. These character experiences are very popular, so booking Storytellers Cafe in advance is recommended if you want to secure your spot for breakfast or brunch. The restaurant is not very big, so the tables can fill up quickly. There is a waitlist available for this location, but only if it is not busy.

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You can make a reservation through the Disneyland app. You can also join the Walk-up waiting list in the app.

What are the buffet options at Storytellers Cafe?

Storytellers Cafe offers a breakfast buffet and brunch. That is howDisneydescribes Mickey's Tales of Adventure Breakfast Buffet, including the foods you'll find on the buffet. Of course there are plenty of Mickey waffles to go!:

Start your day at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel & Spa with Mickey Mouse and some of his closest friends. The cozy Craftsman-style dining room is a warm and friendly setting for your breakfast buffet adventure.

Choose from favorites like croissants, muffins, Danish pastries, sliced ​​seasonal fruits, fresh berries, Mickey waffles, egg white frittatas, chila verde chilaquiles, hand-cut meats and more.

You can also ask your server for treats like steel-cut oats, yogurt parfaits, or made-to-order omelettes.

Say hello to Mickey and friends when they show up at your breakfast!

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If you know a Disney Park fan, you've probably heard them rave about Mickey Waffles! A character breakfast buffet has become a vacation staple for many Disney Parks fans. It allows you to start your day early while meeting multiple characters at once, which means you don't have to stand in line to meet Mickey or his friends when you're at the parks, and you can focus on the rides or other entertainment.

On the weekends, Storytellers Cafe also offers a brunch buffet featuring the character we don't often see! That makes brunch a great option for those of us who still want to see the characters but prefer to sleep in. This is how you do itDisneydescribe Mickey's Tales of Adventure Brunch Buffet:

Adventurers of all ages can enjoy a buffet brunch with Mickey and Co. on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Dine on a smorgasbord including Mickey Waffles, Chili Verde Chilaquiles, Beignets and more.

Tasty small plates like avocado toast, salmon poke, and impossible meatballs are also available from your server.

Think about the story you will tell about your epic brunch!

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The brunch buffet is only offered on the weekends, but the breakfast buffet is offered throughout the week.

What table service options are available at Storytellers Cafe?

All meals served at Storytellers Cafe are all you want to eat buffet style. For dinner at Storytellers Cafe, you'll find specific cocktails, beer, and wine on the menu that are separate from the cost of the buffet.

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What is the most popular food at Storytellers Cafe?

Breakfast is undoubtedly the most popular meal at Storytellers Cafe. Reservations for this meal can sell out quickly, so don't hesitate to reserve a table if you plan to go there.you can book here.

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But just because breakfast with Mickey and friends is so popular doesn't mean you should rule out dinner. Dinner at Storytellers Cafe is fantastic and can provide a relaxing atmosphere after a long day at the theme parks. That is howDisneydescribes dinner at Storytellers Cafe:

Feast on fantastic dishes that celebrate the art of storytelling! The innovative cuisine of the extensive Delight all-you-can-eat dinner buffet is sure to entertain the most discerning taste buds with Pulitzer-worthy flavors.

Delicious dishes include flatbread of the day, grilled chicken, seasonal fish, carved flank steak with chimichurri sauce, plant-based favorites, a rotating selection of chef's small plates and more. Enjoy hearty dishes from the pasta station or juicy prime rib from the carving station. Also, ask your waiter to try the spectacular corn soup.

Options for the little ones include delicious chicken wings, cheeseburgers and grilled cheese.

Disney characters don't show up during dinner, but the delicious food does!

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What characters can you see in Storytellers Cafe?

Breakfast and brunch at Storytellers Cafe features a variety of your favorite Disney characters. Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Chip and Dale welcome you to Storytellers Cafe. However, it is important to note that entertainment in the Disney Parks is subject to change without notice. As such, you may see different characters in this restaurant, or fewer characters, from time to time. These cases are rare, but they can happen.

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When can you see characters at Storytellers Cafe?

Character Dining is offered for breakfast and brunch only. The characters will pass by your table one by one and find you while you eat. Currently, the experiences of the characters have changed due to the pandemic, but you will still be able to see the characters and take a photo of them while they eat.

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How is Storytellers Café decorated?

Storytellers Cafe is decorated in the same style as Disney's Grand Californian Hotel & Spa. Bringing the relaxed and rustic charm of California to your dining experience, Storytellers Cafe offers a relaxed yet upscale atmosphere. You don't have to dress up to enjoy a meal at Storytellers Cafe.

What attractions are near Storytellers Cafe?

The entrance to Disney California Adventure from the Grand Californian is very close to Grizzly River Run. So if you feel like cooling off after breakfast, you can hop on Grizzly River Run!

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How accessible is Storytellers Cafe?

It's very easy to get to Storytellers Cafe when you're at the Disneyland Resort. Just walk over to the Grand Californian and you won't be able to miss it. The restaurant is quite small, which means that reservations fill up quickly. However, you can use the waitlist without an appointment and try to get a seat.

Walking to Storytellers Cafe gives you easy access to Disney California Adventure, but it's also just steps from Downtown Disney and Disneyland. Downtown Disney is full of shops, restaurants and other entertainment options. Even if you don't have a theme park ticket, you can still spend a day eating at Storytellers Cafe and then enjoying Downtown Disney.

Have you ever eaten at Storytellers Café? Tell us in the comments!

If you want to book a Disneyland Resort vacation, we can help! Click here for more information.


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