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Cesar specializes in cheap, delicious dog food for small breeds.

Most pet parents associate the company and its iconic Westie mascot with its popular wet food products. But the brand also makes dry dog ​​food for small puppies.

The brand's affordability plays a key role in its popularity. However, some pet parents have expressed concern about the quality of ingredients used in pet food.Cesar product line.

I am a veterinary technician with an interest in dog nutrition and I researched Cesar Canine Gourmet to help dog owners decide if this brand is the best choice for their pup.

Read on for this Kaiser dog food review to learn more about the company's history, ingredient quality, and controversy.

About Caesar

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All Cesar dog food formulations are designed to meet the unique nutritional needs of small breed dogs. Pet owners can easily identify the brand by the iconic image of the West Highland Terrier on all its products.

The company's goal is to produce nutritious and delicious recipes at affordable prices. Cesar offers a wide range of formulas in different brand ranges for toy dogs of all ages. All their recipes meet daily recommended nutrient valuesAsian Food Processing Association.

The Cesar wet food variety is by far the most popular. But you can also find dry dog ​​food and small dog treats in the entire range.

Many Caesars dog food reviews recommend their recipes for picky eaters. But like many of the cheap brands owned by big companies, Cesar doesn't use the highest quality ingredients.

Still, many pet parents on a budget prefer Cesar dog foods because of their specialized nutritional content and limited history of recalls. Always remember to consult your vet before making any changes to your dog's diet.

Caesar's story

Caesars dog food is part of the larger family of pet foods managed by Mars, Inc. Mars is best known for its confectionery and is currently the sixth largest company in the United States. Other brands managed by Mars Petcare include Pedigree, Eukanuba, Iams and Royal Canin.

Founded in 1911, Mars began acquiring animal feed companies in the 1960s. In 1988, they renamed their entire range of dog food to Pedigree Pet Food. The brand originally included a line marketed specifically for small pets called Pedigree select.

In the late 1990s, Pedigree Select changed its name to Cesar Select Dinings. The name Cesar refers to the four-legged family member's enormous personality. By 1998, Cesar was one of the best-selling brands in the United States.

Where is Kaiser dog food produced?

Mars Petcare is headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee. But they are a global brand with manufacturing facilities in Canada, Europe and the US.

It is not clear where Cesar's dog food came from. There is no "Made in the USA" label on Cesar's packaging. The company claims that their products are made in the USA, but does not provide any specific information to back up their claims.

Cesar also failed to provide details on how they sourced the ingredients. Some of the ingredients in their recipes are generic by-products that are difficult to trace.

Legal issues and controversies

Caesars pet food brands have little history of controversy or recalls. The only recall on record involved plastic residue contaminating some dog food. After the first recall, a Maryland woman filed a report that her dog died after eating a Caesar steak.

Her unfortunate pet struggled to breathe and spat out pieces of plastic before collapsing. Mars completed an investigation and acknowledged the presence of the substance in some of its pet foods.

FDA inspectors also documented problems at the Mars cannery in Columbus, Ohio. Inspectors found damaged cans, flies and cockroaches throughout the facility. After the inspection, Mars promises to fix the problem immediately.

Raw material quality

Cesar Dog Food Reviews | Ratings | Recall - Dog Food Heaven (2)

Few brands can match the taste that Cesar offers. Most traditional dry foods are crumbly and bland.

But Cesar wet dog food products offer balanced nutrition and a tempting gourmet taste. Even their dry dog ​​food appeals to most small breeds.

But that deliciousness doesn't always translate to ingredient quality, especially in budget recipes. Most Cesar wet foods provide the right amount of protein for small breeds. However, the primary source of animal protein used in their recipes is not always ideal.

Several products do not indicate the specific source of animal protein used. Common ingredients include "meat by-products" and "meat and bone meal."

This makes it difficult to identify the primary source of protein in its formula. Unknown protein sources are particularly problematic for dogs withfood allergy.

Fortunately, Cesar has recently committed to making real meat an important ingredient in his dog food. However, low-quality ingredients still appear further down the label.

Most Caesar dog foods are also moderate in fat. However, labels do not share each dog food's specific omega-3 to omega-6 balance.

Caesar formula is lower in carbohydrates than most pet foods. But several common allergens often appear in ingredient lists. Problematic sources of carbohydrates include soy, wheat gluten, corn gluten meal and regular starch.

Some recipes also use xanthan gum as a thickener. This is a controversial additive. Other artificial additives include food coloring, sodium nitrite, and sodium tripolyphosphate.

To compensate for the lower quality of ingredients, Cesar uses micronutrient supplements to meet daily nutritional needs.

Cesar dog food brand range

Cesar has a variety of product lines to provide appropriate diets for various furry children. This Caesar dog food review provides an overview of each dog food.

Cesar Gourmet dried

this herefood lineCesar's dry dog ​​food offers all the power of the brand's signature wet formula in a convenient food item. Unlike some wet recipes, this line has real meat as the first ingredient.

High-quality animal protein is essential for all dogs, especially small breeds. Look further down the ingredient list and you'll find plenty of corn, wheat and rice. These grains may not be suitable for more sensitive puppies.

However, the easily digestible carbohydrates used in this line are an excellent source of energy for small breeds. Toy dogs are prone to hypoglycemia if they do not eat enough carbohydrates to maintain blood sugar.

INUnique texture of meaty pieces and crunchy kibbleMaking these dry formulas ideal for small dogs who are notoriously picky eaters. This texture may appeal to dogs that don't normally eat dry food.

See all Cesar Gourmet products

caesar puppy

caesar puppyFoods are uniquely formulated and designed to meet unique nutritional needslille race. These wet dog treats have the same tempting texture as the brand's classic sauce bread range for adults.

Gravy is delicious for growing dogs and encourages them to eat the whole meal. It's easy to make sure your pup gets the correct amount each day with a single portion pack.

Puppies that eat too much will grow too fast. But nutrient deficiencies can lead to chronic health problems. These recipes are also higher in protein than adult versions. Adequate protein is essential to support muscle development in growing dogs.

Offal such as chicken liver and beef lung are natural sources of concentrated vitamins and minerals. Animal protein is easily digested by dogs and ensures that your puppy absorbs all the nutrients in the feed.

See all Cesar Puppy products

Cesar classic sandwich

Cesar's flagship dog food line isClassic sandwichcollect. This product line hasdifferent flavorsin a formbolognese bread. All formulas are grain free.

Real meat from America is the best ingredient in these recipes. This range is an excellent choice for pet owners who want a quality product for small dogs .

Some dog food reviews suggest using these products as toppings in dry foods to make them more appealing. But these formulations are also suitable for use as a balanced complete diet.

Cesar's classic bread with sauce recipe contains no grain ingredients. Instead, yams are an alternative source of carbohydrates. While small breeds typically thrive on grain-rich diets, this line is perfect for puppies with grain sensitivities.

See all Cesar Classic Bread products

Caesar Gourmet fish fillets

this herePremium product lineCesar's wet dog food has a unique fish fillet mixed with sauce consistency. some pets found fish filletsmore deliciousthan traditional sauce varieties.

All flavors in the series have beef as the main ingredient. This red meat is an excellent source of iron and high-quality protein. These formulas have a higher protein content and are ideal for small dogs with a more active lifestyle.

The 3.5-ounce tray offers a convenient single-serving size with a tear-off seal to keep freshness in. Unlike the bread line, these wet formulas contain grains.

Unfortunately, all the carbohydrates in these recipes are refined. Whole grains provide more nutritional value.

See all Purina Gourmet fillet products

Casa Cesar Gourmet

Casa Cesar Gourmethave a recipecopycat family recipesIt often appears on the human table. Some pet parents find that these formulas make them feel like they are treating their little ones like family members while ensuring their pets are getting the right nutrition.

In addition to usingReal meat as the first ingredient, these recipes also include whole vegetables.

Vegetables such as carrots, potatoes and peas are natural sources of the vitamin. They also have increased carbohydrate content to support the fast metabolism of small dogs.

Dog owners are happy that you can see whole vegetables in the tray. Minimal processing helps preserve the food's nutritional content.

But these recipes still contain some controversial ingredients, such as xanthan gum and sodium nitrate.

See all Cesar Home Delight products

Cesar Minis

Cesar Miniscome evenlysmaller portionPerfect for the smallest toy breeds. All Cesar dog food formulas are suitable for small breeds. But extra small toy varieties require special considerations.

Owners of toy breeds often have difficulty finding the right amount of wet food. Although toy dogs can only eat a small amount of food, they still need enough vitamins and minerals.

Concentrated nutrition from animal ingredients, vegetables and micronutrient supplements ensures that your puppy gets what he needs in a small tray.

Owners can also purchase a variety of packs of the Cesar line of dog food to help prevent dog boredom.

See all Cesar Mini products

Cesar Not at lave

Cesar Dog Food Reviews | Ratings | Recall - Dog Food Heaven (9)

Cesar Not at laveThe dog food series is a collectionlimited ingredientswith easy recipes. These ingredients contain only one to five natural food ingredients. These ingredients include real meat, grains and vegetables.

These formulas do not use controversial additives found in other Cesar products. But they also don't have the nutrients needed to be the only dog ​​food in a dog's diet.

Simple Crafted Cesar dog food recipes are designed as ingredients only, not as the sole ration. Small dog owners can add these products to their dog's diet to make their food more palatable without adding additional harmful ingredients.

Pet parents should be careful not to confuse ingredients with a restricted-ingredient diet. These diets contain simple recipes and are rich in vitamins and minerals to meet your dog's daily nutritional needs. The Simply Crafted Topper has no fastenings.

See all Cesar Simply Crafted products

Caesar's Dog Food Recall

Kaiser dog food has only had one recall in recent years. While any recall is bad news, Cesar has a better reputation than most pet food brands.

Below is information about the only Caesar's dog food recall in recent years.

  • October 2016 - Mars recalls certain production lots of Cesar Classics Filet Mignon wet dog food after reports of some owners finding small pieces of plastic in their trays. At that time, they had not received any sick leave. [1]

Unfortunately, one dog died after the recall. The owner fed her dog Filet Caesar, but she didn't realize it had been recalled. Her pet spat out small pieces of plastic before she died.

Mars has experienced a number of recalls involving foreign material contamination of its other dog food brands. But Cesar has not issued any recalls since 2016. There is also no recall involving the brand's predecessor, Pedigree Select.

You can see a complete list of all dog food recalls sorted by date. [2]

our verdict

this hereKaiser dog foodReviews indicate that this brand of gourmet dog food is an affordable option for dog owners looking for a company that specializes in small breeds.

Previous reviews of Kaiser dog food have questioned the quality of the ingredients in its formula. The brand still uses some controversial ingredients and artificial additives. But recently, the overall quality of their recipes has improved, with real meat as the main ingredient.

Most gourmet brands of dog food are very expensive. Cesar offers dog owners with picky pups an affordable option that most dogs will love. Although these brands are managed by large companies, they still maintain a reliable reputation.

There are some dog food brands that have better quality ingredients. But few can match Cesar's economy and taste. Talk to your veterinarian to determine if this brand of pet food is right for your four-legged friend.

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