Car Rentals in Manzanillo Airport | Rent a car with America Car Rental (2023)

In accordance with the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data, Corporativo Empresarial Solar, S. A. de C.V. ("America Car Rental") located at Calle Acceso a las bodegas SM 301 Mz. 30 Lot 30 Bodega F1, CP 77560; Cancun, Quintana Roo is responsible for the processing of your personal data.

Methods of data collection and collection.

Information voluntarily provided by users must be accurate and true. American Rental Car will not be held responsible if the information is incorrect or false. America Car Rental will collect and store this information when you make a reservation online or over the phone, at our counters, offices or by other means.

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User data can be obtained in the following ways:

  • through our website orhttps://www.america-carrental.comWhere you voluntarily submit data when you use our services. Where the law allows us to collect information from other sources such as telephone, service or job directories and social networks, the data obtained in this way will be name, telephone, email and personal address. Any information provided by the user in the social network in which the user participates as a car rental in the United States will not be part of the personal data protected by this privacy policy and is the responsibility of the platform network and the user who manages it. You can browse our website without sharing your personal information. But AMERICA CAR RENTAL creates data fields, soYou can provide personal data voluntarily.AMERICA CAR RENTAL will only process personal data that you decide to share through the website; when you register, when you create an account, when you contact us by email with questions or concerns, when you request customer service, when you request information, when you participate in a promotion, or when you otherwise share your personal information, corresponding to the previously mentioned. AMERICA CAR RENTAL will only process your personal data as long as it is necessary to fulfill the purposes stated here and/or in accordance with applicable legal provisions.
  • In person through our reservation center or contact our call center. Data requested by America Car Rental may include, but is not limited to: full name, gender, personal address, home phone, work phone and mobile phone, email address, signature, RFC or CURP, usage preferences and financial data such as: credit card number, holder of cardholder name, expiry date, security code and any other relevant information to process your requested booking. Please note that bank details and credit card details you provide to us may be shared with American Express, MasterCard or VISA to process reservations and sales so that we can process the appropriate charges. American Car Rental Company reserves the right to disclose your personal information over the phone or online under the following circumstances:
    • When the personal data is required by law to safeguard the interests of the public or the impartiality of justice.
    • At the request of state or federal, national or international authorities as part of an investigation into illegal or fraudulent activity.
    • Seek assistance from public safety authorities to protect the interests or safety of American Rental Cars.
    • In any case provided for in Article 37 of the Federal Law on the Protection of Privately Owned Personal Data and its provisions.

use of collected information

America Car Rental may use your personal data to process your reservations, provide services and products you have requested, track, update, cancel, notify of new products or services related to already booked products or services, modify or confirm requests Services; for promotional purposes; for financial and credit purposes to comply with contractual obligations with our customers; to evaluate the quality of services; and to carry out surveys of preferences and consumption habits.

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Data sharing, nationally and internationally

Your personal data may be shared with: business partners, affiliated companies, suppliers, financial, banking and credit institutions to confirm your reservation and comply with this privacy statement.

Exercise of ARCO rights (rights of access, cancellation, amendment and objection)

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You have the right at any time to request access to your personal data in order to be informed; to have them corrected if they are incorrect or out of date; to have the information deleted if you believe that it is not being used for the purposes set out in this privacy statement; or to object to any changes to this privacy statement process your personal data for any of the purposes set out in and must clearly tell us what the personal data is about you.

Right to withdraw your consent to the processing of your personal data

Pursuant to the Federal Law on the Protection of Privately Owned Personal Data approved on April 13, 2010 in Article 3, Titles II and VII and Article 33, and the Law on Transparency of Names, Title II, Title II of the Federal Law and Access to Public Public information, you have the right to withdraw your consent to manage your personal data if you wish to have your personal data deleted from our databases.
In order to exercise this right, you must submit a written request in Spanish and sent to the following email, or you can send it by courier to the following address: Calle Adgang til warehuses SM 301 Mz. 30 lot 30 Bodega F1, C.P. 77560; Cancun Quintana Roo State.
Letters must include the following: full first and last name, copy of official identification, email or postal address provided for notification, and telephone number.
You should also clearly and precisely describe the personal data with which you wish to exercise certain ARCO rights.
You will receive a response to your revocation within 20 business days of receiving your request, either by e-mail to yourself or by post. letter to the postal address you have given us.

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We understand the importance of protecting your personal data. We protect your data by using technical and administrative security controls to reduce the risk of loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure and alteration. Some of the security methods we use include firewalls and data encryption, physical access to data centers and authorization controls. Please note, however, that no data transmission over the Internet or via e-mail is completely secure, and therefore AMERICA CAR RENTAL cannot guarantee that any personal information will be protected from damage, loss, alteration, theft or misuse. AMERICA CAR RENTAL makes reasonable efforts to ensure that the information on our website is accurate and up-to-date. However, this information may contain typographical errors and AMERICA CAR RENTAL does not guarantee its accuracy. AMERICA CAR RENTAL may change the information on its website at any time without notice.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

(Video) Renta de Autos con Cuba Tech Travel - Geely CK AMERICA CAR RENTAL reserves the right to change or update this privacy statement at any time.So we recommend that you check back regularly for the latest revisions. The current privacy policy will be published in the same manner. Use of our website constitutes acceptance of the privacy policy and the terms contained therein.Any changes or updates will be posted on the website orhttps://www.america-carrental.comand enters into force upon publication. By visiting and using one of our websites, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the privacy policy and agree to AMERICA CAR RENTAL's use of your personal data in accordance with this privacy policy.


Car Rentals in Manzanillo Airport | Rent a car with America Car Rental? ›

Can you rent a car in Mexico with a US license? A US license is accepted for renting a car in Mexico. Note that the driving age in Mexico is 18, and all drivers are required to carry locally provided liability insurance.

Can an American rent a car in Mexico? ›

Can you rent a car in Mexico with a US license? A US license is accepted for renting a car in Mexico. Note that the driving age in Mexico is 18, and all drivers are required to carry locally provided liability insurance.

How much does it cost to insure a rental car in Mexico? ›

Different companies price coverage differently, but in general, Personal Liability Insurance (the minimum coverage legally required) is about $15 USD per day. For full coverage insurance, plan to pay about $30 USD per day.

Do I leave my car at the car rental place? ›

Can I leave my car at the rental location? At most locations you are able to leave your personal vehicle. However, you do park at your own risk as many lots are shared by other businesses.

Why is Discover cars so cheap? ›

Generally Affordable

Discover Cars offers customers an affordable car rental experience compared to other 3rd party sites. They are not the cheapest on the surface, but that's because there are no added fees to their rental cars. What you see is what you will actually pay in full for the car rental.

Can I use my US car insurance in Mexico? ›

Your U.S. auto insurance won't cover you after crossing the border of Mexico. You'll need a special Mexican auto insurance policy to legally drive in Mexico, which can be acquired through an insurance agent.

Do any rental car companies allow travel to Mexico? ›

Can you take a rental car to Mexico? Yes, it is possible to rent a car in the U.S. and drive it into Mexico at select Avis locations. To do so, you must be a U.S. resident and have a corporate AWD (Avis discount number). Avis does not allow customers to pick up a car in the United States and return it in Mexico.

Why is rental car insurance so expensive in Mexico? ›

Car Rental Damage Claims in Mexico

The legal system in Mexico is much less lenient if an accident occurs, so the insurance stakes are higher.

What type of car rental insurance do I need in Mexico? ›

Third party insurance is compulsory by Mexican law when you rent a car in Mexico. This insurance covers third parties for any damages in the event of a mishap, but it does not cover the renter's liability for the vehicle itself.

What rental insurance is required in Mexico? ›

Personal Liability Insurance, also referred to as Third-Party Insurance, is mandatory when renting a car in Mexico. You cannot rent a car without this coverage. Although this is the only obligatory type of insurance, it's not always enough. In fact, it's highly recommended to opt for additional coverage.

What are the disadvantages of car rental? ›

Understanding the Disadvantages of Renting a Car
  • There is no hired driver. One of the most significant disadvantages of renting a car is it doesn't come with a driver. ...
  • High prices. ...
  • Strict terms and conditions. ...
  • Unfamiliarity with the vehicle. ...
  • Responsibility for any mishaps. ...
  • Less time to relax and enjoy.
Dec 22, 2022

How close to fill up rental car? ›

Fill up your tank within a 10-mile radius of the car rental service (or even closer). Some car rental services will hit you with extra fees if you don't fill your tank up close enough to the building. After you refuel, keep your receipt.

What to do with car when going on vacation? ›

If you have a garage, it's the ideal place to leave your vehicle while you're away. Garages protect cars from the elements and unwelcome intruders. However, you do run the risk of critters, like rodents, chewing up the car's cables and wires. Lay out mothballs, and make sure your windows and sunroof are closed.

Does Discover have free car rental insurance? ›

Rental car coverage is provided to holders of applicable Discover credit cards for no additional fees (aside from yearly fees associated with membership for certain cards) so long as your rental qualifies according to your specific card's policy.

Is Discover car rentals legit? ›

Is Discover Cars legit? Yes! Discover Cars is a trustworthy car rental platform. They provide quick responses and are easy to communicate with.

Is Discover it good for beginners? ›

A secured credit card, like the Discover it® Secured Credit Card, may be a good choice for your first credit card because it allows you to build credit a credit history.

Does my US health insurance cover me in Mexico? ›

Can I Use My US Health Insurance in Mexico? No, in most cases, you will not be able to use the health insurance you have in the US for treatment in Mexico. Your American health insurance policy, such as Medicare, will not extend outside the borders.

Can I drive in Mexico with a US license? ›

Valid driving licences from most countries are legal in Mexico, including UK, EU, Canadian and US licenses. However, you may be required to purchase an International Driving Permit if your license is not printed in English. This will allow you to drive in Mexico for two year after it is issued.

What do I need to know before driving to Mexico? ›

Driving to Mexico
  1. U.S. citizens must present a valid U.S. passport book or card, in addition to an entry permit (Forma Migratoria Multiple or FMM) issued by Instituto Nacional de Migración (INM).
  2. Travelers should be sure to enter Mexico with valid proof of automobile registration, even if remaining in the border zone.
Mar 14, 2023

Do I need an international driver's license to rent a car in Mexico? ›

A valid driver's license is required to drive a car in Mexico. You do not need a Mexican or international driver's license to rent a car in Mexico. You can just use your regular driver's license from the US, Canada, or any other country that uses the Roman alphabet.

What can I bring into Mexico by car? ›

What am I allowed to take into Mexico? When crossing by land, you are allowed to take your personal belongings and $300 worth of merchandise, duty free. People over the age of 18 may bring three liters of liquor or beer and up to six liters of wine. For more details, see our Mexican Customs section.

How much is a car in Mexico? ›

In 2019, the average cost of a mid-sized car in Mexico City amounted to approximately 17,184 U.S. dollars, up from 15,236 U.S. dollars a year earlier.

Can I drive in Mexico with a U.S. license? ›

Valid driving licences from most countries are legal in Mexico, including UK, EU, Canadian and US licenses. However, you may be required to purchase an International Driving Permit if your license is not printed in English. This will allow you to drive in Mexico for two year after it is issued.

Can a U.S. citizen drive in Cancun Mexico? ›

You don't need an international driving permit if your driver's license from your country of origin is in English (from the U.S., Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand), or in Spanish, it's sufficient.

What documents do I need to drive my car into Mexico? ›

What documents are required to drive to Mexico?
  1. A U.S. Passport (or Green Card)
  2. A U.S. Driver's License (or International Driving Permit)
  3. Proof of car registration.
  4. A Temporary Vehicle Importation Permit (TVIP)
  5. A Mexico Tourist Card/Entry Permit (FMM)
  6. A Mexico tourist auto insurance policy.

Can I come back to the U.S. from Mexico with a driver's license? ›

When entering the United States, U.S. citizens are required to show passport, U.S. passport card, Trusted Traveler Program card (NEXUS, SENTRI, Global Entry or FAST) or an Enhanced Driver's License.

Do U.S. citizens need a visa to go to Mexico? ›

US citizens are not required to have a Mexican visa to enter the country. However, all travelers, including Americans, must have a valid Forma Migratoria Múltiple (FMM), provided they travel for any of the following reasons and do not need to stay for over 6 months: Tourism and leisure. Professional meetings.

Can I drive my car in Mexico as a tourist? ›

Driving to Mexico

Temporary import permits for cars registered in the United States are needed in order to drive beyond the border zones in Mexico. Permits are enforced when driving approximately 20 kilometers into Mexico. Permits are NOT needed in the Baja Peninsula.

Do I need a Mexican drivers license to rent a car in Mexico? ›

No, you don't need a Mexican driving license to drive in Mexico or when renting a car in Mexico. It's not even necessary to purchase an international driving license. Any American, Canadian, or your own country-issued driving license is accepted.

Which International Driving Permit for Mexico? ›

Check which IDP you need
Country or territoryType of IDP
139 more rows

Do US citizens need to fill out anything for Cancun? ›

US Citizens are eligible to travel to Cancun visa-free. However, when entering Mexico via air or a land border, you must present a Tourist Card upon entry AND exit. The Tourist Card, Forma Migratoria Múltiple (FMM), is an Entry Immigration Form that details information about foreign tourists visiting Mexico.

Can you turn right on red in Mexico? ›

No Right Turn on Red

It is illegal to turn right on a red light in Mexico unless there is a sign that says you may proceed with caution after stopping. But this does not stop the taxis from doing it all the time.

Do US residents need a visa to go to Cancun? ›

Citizens of the EU, the United States, and Canada can go to Cancun for up to 180 days visa-free. To stay longer than 6 months, or for non-tourism purposes, a visa is required. Similarly, travelers from non-exempt countries need to apply for a Mexico visa for their trip to Cancun.


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