All the Best Huatulco Beaches in Oaxaca, Mexico - Bookaway (2023)

There are 36 Huatulco beaches in the Mexican state of Oaxaca. Which one should you visit? Our extensive list of guides will help you plan your trip so you don't have a "fear of missing a thing" beach.

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Mexico's Playa Huatulco has 36 unique beautiful beaches in 9 bays, but it is surprisingly not as well known as the beaches of Tulum and Cancun.

That's what people love about the area, and that's what makes these Pacific Coast beaches so memorable.

The beach has soft white sand and the turquoise water is perfect for swimming. Not too hot, not too cold. Perfect, like a dream.

You'll also be surrounded by rolling hills and lush vegetation - meaning days of beauty!

Now that we've gotten all that out of the way, let's take a deep dive into the beaches of Huatulco.

Where the hell is Huatulco?

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Huatulco is not a single city. It is more like an area known as Bahias de Huatulco or Huatulco Bay.

You'll find Huatulco on the south coast of the southern Mexican state of Oaxaca. The state is known for its indigenous culture and incredible cuisine.

Get to know Huatulco's nine bay areas

Before planning a trip to Huatulco, it is essential to know the area first.

As you know, there are nine bays, separated by rocky cliffs. It is important to choose where to live, as each bay has its own charm and character. Here is a quick overview of them:

Organo Bay and Magway Bay:

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Although these are separate bay areas, they are located next to each other. The most beautiful beaches in each bay are aptly named Organo and Magway - the latter being more popular because it's easier to get to.

Scarrillo Bay:

With a magnificent beach,Riscarillo Strand, this bay area can only be reached by boat. The waves are calm and the water is shallow, so it is perfect for those with small children.

Rabbit Bay:

This is the easternmost bay in Huatulco, so it remains relatively unspoiled. Home to four stunning beaches, including hidden gemsbunny strand, it is popular with divers and snorkelers.

Chavey Bay:

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Known for its calm waters and magical sunsets, the area is perfect for those looking for an active beach holiday. From water sports like kayaking and paddle boarding to beach clubs and restaurants, there's plenty to do here to keep everyone busy.

You can also choose between four beautiful beaches.

Mr. Tangle:

This is the largest and most developed of the nine bays, with five beaches to explore. This is a place frequented by those who enjoy the good life as it is home to several unique five-star hotels. It is also home to Huatulco's 18-hole golf course.

Santa Cruz Bay:

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In addition to picturesque beaches and plenty of shops and restaurants to explore, Santa Cruz Pier is also buzzing with life. Many cruise ships and cruise ships depart and depart from here.

Santa Cruz and La Entrega are two of the bay's most popular beaches. Overall, this is a popular Bay Area with plenty to do.

Chachacoal Bay:

With a focus on privacy, this bay area consists of two idyllic beaches backed by mangroves. Located southwest of Santa Cruz, you can only get there by boat, so you'll spend a full day exploring.

Kakaluta Bay:

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This unspoiled bay area with two beaches is a paradise waiting to be explored. Due to its remote location, your trip there will reward you with incredibly clear water and lush vegetation. famous mexican moviesand your motherwas filmed in the area.

St. Augustine Bay:

Compared to other bays, there is less tourism here, come here to experience the tranquility and privacy. This is the area of ​​choice for surfers, snorkelers and divers.

Top 9 Huatulco beaches

La Entrega Beach – Santa Cruz Bay

Family friendly atmosphere and great snorkeling.

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and Santa Cruz Bay,levering strandIt has soft white sand and crystal clear emerald water. This is the perfect place for those who want to swim, snorkel and dive.

The real highlight of this beach is the amazing underwater ecosystem that is often compared to a natural aquarium. To take advantage of the offshore reefs and marine life, you can rent snorkels from beach vendors.

Watch out for sunfish, they will swell up to protect themselves.

Playa la Entrega is one of the most popular beaches in the Huatulco beach area, especially with families. Therefore, it is best to arrive in the morning - especially if you are a snorkeler. Visibility was best earlier in the day before the sand was churned up.

You don't need to pack drinks and snacks, as many restaurants are located on the waterfront. In addition, the area is famous for its seafood, so don't miss the catch of the day.

Chahue Beach – Chahue Bay

Ideal for those who love lively beaches and beach clubs.

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If you want to spend an afternoon on the beach followed by a drink at sunset, head to Chahue Beach. It is one of the largest and most popular beaches in Huatulco.

There is always a nice atmosphere here at 17.00, when tourists, residents and locals stroll along the beach, play volleyball or gather with friends to enjoy the sunset.

Day or night, head to one of the lively beach clubs, including Sea Soul, Club de Playa Chahue, Castillo Beach Club or La Isla Beach Club.

Many beach clubs even have swimming pools for your enjoyment.

Since the beach is not protected by a bay, the waves tend to be a little bigger than some of the other beaches in the area. There are always lifeguards on the beach, but if you don't feel comfortable swimming, stick to the beach club pool.

expert tips: If you want to stay nearby (about 20 minutes walk), consider booking one of the hotels in the town of Crucecita.

Playa Organo – Organo Bay

For those looking for privacy, this is the ultimate location.

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Since it is in the Huatulco National Park, there is no direct road to Playa Organo. So expect fewer people on this secluded beach.

There are two ways to get there.

The first option is to take a boat trip from Marina Chahue or Santa Cruz Marina. Or take a 20-minute walk through the national park, home to a variety of plants and animals.

Both options are worth it for the clear water, golden sand and gentle waves.

During high season, you can expect some vendors to sell snacks and refreshments, but at other times of the year, facilities are limited.

Pro tip:Since this beach is located in a national park, there are some rules that must be followed. You must avoid coral, wear reef-friendly sunscreen and do not bring shells home.

Tango Ronda Beach – Tango Ronda Bay

Ideal for those who enjoy luxury.

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If you want an all-inclusive luxury vacation, stay hereHuatulco Tango Ronda Strand.

The scenery on this beach in Mexico is magical. Its crystal clear blue waters and fine white sand stretch for 700 m (0.43 miles). The view of the small rocky islands off the coast is breathtaking.

A good book and an umbrella is all you need for a peaceful day.

Playa Tangolunda is divided into two sections, one dedicated to guests of exclusive five-star hotels and the other open to the public.

Pro tip:If you plan to visit the public part of this beach, there are no services or facilities. However, you can purchase a day pass at one of the hotels, which includes access to beach lounge chairs and dining options.

If you have time you can explore the area around Tangolunda where there is a local marina, a golf course and some shops and restaurants.

Screw Beach – Tangolunda Bay

Ideal for those who love peace and quiet.

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Among the Playa Huatulco beaches, Tornillo is known for its turquoise water, soft white sand and gentle waves. It's also conveniently located around the corner from Tangolunda Beach, so you can enjoy both beaches in one day.

If water sports are your thing, this beach offers opportunities for kayaking, swimming, sailing, snorkeling and diving.

To make the most of your day, purchase a day pass from Las Brisas Huatulco Hotel. You can then use the swimming pool, restaurant, beach chairs, toilets and showers.

expert tips: If you choose to visit Playa Tangolunda and El Tornillo, the latter is less crowded and more peaceful.

Santa Cruz Beach – Santa Cruz Bay

For those who like convenience, here is a beach and a place to stay.

All the Best Huatulco Beaches in Oaxaca, Mexico - Bookaway (11)

If you've started doing your research on Playa Huatulco, you've no doubt come across Santa Cruz. This is a popular beach area with many hotels, restaurants and shops.

This beach is perfect for a family holiday because of the long stretches of white sand and small waves. The eastern end is cordoned off to keep boats out, so this is the safest area for swimming. For those who like to snorkel, you can rent some equipment and see the bottom of the sea.

One thing you should do is enjoy the activities in the area. One of the highlights is a boat trip to Huatulco's other bays. This is a great way to see the coastline from the sea.

In the evening, enjoy dinner at one of the seafood restaurants before going to live music or dancing bars such as El Habanero Loko or Macquil.

Pro tip:Santa Cruz Beach is where all the cruise ships dock, so it can get very busy at times.

St. Augustine Beach – St. Augustine Bay

Worth the drive to enjoy the beauty of this private beach.

All the Best Huatulco Beaches in Oaxaca, Mexico - Bookaway (12)

If you like tranquility and beauty, you will definitely want to visitSt. Augustine StrandI Huatulco, Mexico.

It is not the easiest beach to get to. You have to drive 45 minutes from La Crucecita. But it is worth it all. There are plenty of dirt roads and potholes that will slow you down if you drive.

Another option is to take a boat to this beautiful stretch of 1.6 kilometers (1 mile) of white sand and crystal clear water.

St. Augustine has very few waves, making it the best beach in Huatulco for diving and snorkeling. The variety of corals is incredible!

Although the beach is secluded, you do not need to bring food and drinks. There are several restaurants that serve fresh seafood.

There are also some modest accommodation options if you wish to spend the night.

La Bocana Beach – 15 minutes from Santa Cruz Bay

A must for surfers.

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If you want to go surfing in Playa Huatulco, Oaxaca, you must visit La Bocana Beach.

Whether you come here for a morning stroll along the long sandy beach or to surf, you're never alone as early morning surfers flock to this beach all year round.

There are some rough waves and strong currents, so conditions are not ideal for beginners.

The beach is where the Copalita River meets the ocean, creating a completely different ecosystem from the rest of Huatulco.

There are a few restaurants near the shore, but beyond that, you'll see the rocky cliffs, rock formations and white capes that make up this rugged, wild coastline.

Pro tip:Keep an eye out for the pelicans whose nests are hidden on rocky hillsides.

Alocito Beach – Tangolunda Bay

For those who love nature.

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Arrocito Beach looks like something from a postcard.

It is a secluded beach nestled between two hills covered in greenery and rock formations that provide the perfect backdrop for a relaxing day at the beach.

The beach is protected by a natural bay and the water is extremely calm and clear. It's a great place to go for a swim or grab your snorkel gear to explore the local marine life.

There are plenty of amenities here, including a variety of restaurants serving fresh seafood, bars and waterfront vendors.

If you want to escape the crowds, Arocito Beach is a must. On this quiet beach surrounded by nature, you will have a unique experience.

Huatulco Honorable Mention Beach

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The above nine beaches are all unforgettable. But with a total of 36 beaches, you should go to more than one or you might miss the beach.

Here are a few more to satisfy your beach curiosity:

  • Cuatunalco Beach, Boca Vieja Beach, Ixtapa Beach og Coyote Beach:These are all 16 kilometers (10 miles) from Santa Cruz and have stunning white sand beaches. They are not recommended for inexperienced swimmers.
  • Kakalutila Strand:This unmanned beach is located near St. Augustine Bay. Come here for ultimate privacy!
  • Indian Beach:Hidden in the corner of Bahia's Chachacoal isindian beach. With incredible white sand beaches, you won't want to miss great snorkeling opportunities.
  • Chicarral Beach:What makes the beaches around Chachacoal Bay so unique is that the mangroves are home to a variety of colorful marine life.
  • Scarillo Strand:This peaceful beach is just down the road from St. Augustine. It has several small restaurants to enjoy.
  • Playa Violin:To find this gem, hike down a short but steep path to this secluded beach on Santa Cruz Bay.
  • Yerba Buena Beach:Known for its pristine beauty and natural surroundings. Easy access from Santa Cruz which is a bonus.
  • Hope Beach:Close to Chahue Bay, surrounded by mountains and cliffs. You won't find crowds here.
  • El Tejon Strand:This beautiful beach is located between Chahue and Tangolunda Bay with a huge tree in the middle.
  • Consuelo Strand:You will have to come by boat and upon arrival you will be in awe of the beauty of the sparkling white sand and crystal clear water.
  • Ventura Beach:Although this beach has no facilities, it is a place to get away from your worries. Water is to die for.
  • The Manzanillo Strand:Book your Las Brisas Huatulco hotel on Tangolunda Bay for easy access to this amazing beach.
  • Tasty Point Beach:This 800 meter long beach has moderate waves.
  • Mistka Strand:This is a small beach on the east side of Don Glenda Bay.
  • Tejoncito Strand:This family-friendly private beach has shallow, calm waters. You can buy a day pass from Celeste Residencias which includes dining credits.
  • Los Compass Beach:This small beach near Playa La Entrega has rock formations haunted by fish and microbes.
  • Stream strand:Located on Kakaluta Bay, this beach has calm waters and is perfect for snorkeling.
  • Mojon Beach:If surfing is your thing, check out this beach.
  • Pescadores and Fandango Beaches:Hidden among the rocks below Punta Santa Cruz, these beaches are perfect for turtle watching.

Weather in Huatulco

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When planning a beach vacation to Playa Huatulco, Oaxaca, Mexico, it's always important to check what time of year the weather is best.

The good news is that even with the so-called rainy season from May to November, the tropical downpours do not last long. Usually 3-5 hours, usually at night or while you sleep.

Apart from the rainy season, there is little rainfall.

If you're looking for the perfect beach holiday, the best months are the mid-winter months of December to February, when temperatures range from 21°C (69.8°F) to 31°C (87.8°F). Even in January, the water in Huatulco is a refreshing 18°C ​​(64.4°F) to 27°C (80.6°F).

However, remember that this is high season, so overnight prices may be higher and boat trips are booked earlier.

Pro tip:If you want to go whale watching, book a trip between December and March. During these months, humpback whales migrate down from the Arctic.

Huatulco Beach Packing List Essentials

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You've booked your trip to the coast of Huatulco, now it's time to pack your bags. What makes packing easy is that the area is very relaxed. So there is no need to bring fancy prom dresses or high heels.

The most important thing to remember is the time of year you travel.

Here are some important things you don't want to forget:

  • Sunscreens for the reef:It always pays to be prepared, so keep some sunscreen in your bag. Be aware of marine life, especially when visiting Playa Organo, as one of the rules is to wear reef-friendly sunscreen when swimming and snorkeling.
  • Mosquito Balm:Nobody likes mosquito bites. So it is a must if you plan to go there during the rainy season.
  • runningshoes:If you want to take a break from the beach, there are plenty of hiking trails! If you don't, you might want to go for a walk or jog along the beach every morning.
  • Snorkel and mask:If you have your own snorkel and mask, it's a good idea to bring it because you know it will fit you perfectly. In addition to this, there are many vendors that offer snorkeling gear for rent.
  • money:Just make sure you have some cash handy as you never know what souvenir you might stumble across.

Huatulco strand kort

We know there are many beaches in the area, so use this map as a guide when planning your trip.

How to get to Huatulco

All the Best Huatulco Beaches in Oaxaca, Mexico - Bookaway (18)

Huatulco is located on the Pacific coastMexicoin the following stateoaxaca.

the nearest airport isHuatulco Bahias International Airport. Depending on the season, you may find flights departing from US and Canadian cities. In addition, there are direct flights year-round from Tijuana, Mexico City and Oaxaca.

flight time fromMexico City til Huatulco Bay International AirportIt is 1 hour and 20 minutes. From there you can transfer to one of the nine Bay Areas.

For example fromHuatulco Airport to Santa Cruz Bay, it takes 20 minutes by car. Correspondingly fromTangolunda Bay Huatulco Airport, the journey time will also be 20 minutes.

One last note about Huatulco Beach

All the Best Huatulco Beaches in Oaxaca, Mexico - Bookaway (19)

With 36 beaches to choose from in Huatulco, don't make the mistake of booking just a two-day trip. The longer the better! It's easy to see how you would fall in love with Mexico's Pacific coast.


What is the closest airport to Huatulco, Mexico?

Bahías de Huatulco International Airport is only a 20-minute drive from Santa Cruz Beach.

Which city is closest to Huatulco?

This holiday area has many towns to visit. The main one is Santa Cruz, where there are many cruises and boat trips.

Is Huatulco, Mexico safe?

Huatulco is one of the safest places to travel in Mexico. Just make sure to follow the same precautions as the rest of the world.

Can Huatulco swim?

Yes, there are 9 beautiful bay areas with 36 beaches to choose from, each with its own unique character.


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