6 Must See Beaches in Nerja - A Guide - Travel with Missy (2023)

OThe city of Nerja, Spain, is a 50-minute drive from Malaga. It is an extremely popular tourist town for Northern Europeans and Spaniards. The quaint, small-town atmosphere is home to 35,000 year-round residents.

with incrediblerestaurantsit is excellenthotels,Nerja is a food lover's paradise. With many locally sourced ingredients, Nerja's culinary scene is improving every year. And along the coast of Nerja there are some scatteredbest beaches on the Costa del Sol.

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For such a small town, Nerja, Spain has an exceptional amount of excellent beaches. This coastal town in southern Spain isdotted with small picturesque bays and sandy beaches. Visitors are spoiled for choice when it comes to sunbathing and diving in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

During the peak summer months the beaches are busier and those with a car should arrive early to get parking. But with one like thatVariety of beautiful beaches in Nerja, there will be a sandy beach for everyone.

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Strand Burriana Nerja (Strand Burriana)

Burriana-Strandit is a beautiful beach for many reasons. and thatlargest sandy beach in Nerjaalmost a kilometer long. Lined with some of Nerja's best restaurants, you'll also find the usual beachside shops selling snorkels and towels.It is one of the best beaches in Nerja.

For swimmers who like to work out, Burriana Beach hastwo volleyball courts,Kayak and paddleboard rentaland jet ski rentals. Opopular kayak tour departs every hour and an adult ticket costs €20, the tour lasts 2.5 hours.

Visited kayak tourMorro do Gordo, a waterfall and the cliffs of Maro. Verano Azul was a popular Spanish TV show filmed in Nerja in the 70's and the kayak tour visits some of the filming locations.

Beach chairs on Burriana beach are usually €6 per bed.Depending on the beach section, the umbrella is usually included in the price. It is worth remembering that some places offer drink service for the sun loungers.

In the summer months there is a lifeguard tower. There are usually free showers all over the beach so you can wash off the sand and salt before heading out.Sundowners at the many barsand restaurants on the beach.

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Eat and Sleep on Burriana Beach

Burriana Beach has thebest choice of restaurantsto choose from all the beaches. The most famous restaurant on the beach is thisok beach bar. whatAyos is so famous for its paella.

In the afternoon it can be difficult to get a table in this restaurant, but if you arrive between 12:30 and 14:00 you can easily get a table. OPaella im Ayo'sit's amazing, but it's not just the taste, it's that toofree refillsYou will receive it later, which makes this experience even better! (that wassuspended in 2022– I think because of inflation?)

For visitors looking for thisbest Paella in Nerja, then look no further than Ayos.

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For early risers, many of the beachfront restaurants open from 9 am and you can find some of thembest breakfast in nerjaon Burriana beach.

There are a variety of ice cream shops, tapas restaurants and beach bars on the beach. It can be hard to leave Burriana Beach as it has so much to offer visitors.

Staying close to Burriana beach is easy as there are many apart hotels in Nerja and this stretch of beach offers a wide range of accommodation. Guests who are inParador von NerjaThe hotel makes excellent use of the elevator available to guests.direct access to beach and hotel.

There isn't much parking available for such a large beach, so get there early if you're driving.

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Calahonda-Strand Nerja (Playa Calahonda)

Located next to the Balcon de Europa,Calahonda-Strandit is a favorite for those staying in the center of the city. That's itdirect access from the Balcon de Europamakes this beach very popular in high season.

son Sunbeds and umbrellas can be rented for the day and cost €6per lounger. There is a lot of space on this beach and due to its proximity to the city center you can easily do a lot.shopping and eatingat nearby restaurants before heading to the beach via the Balcon de Europa.

To get to this beach there is a small arch and a large pedestrian path that goes down to the beach. It is not wheelchair accessible. Playa Calahonda is a wonderful beach and has one of the best sunsets in town. It is the perfect beach to spend an afternoon after walking and exploring the town of Nerja.

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Carabeo Strand (Carabeo Beach)

Only if you pass through the pedestrian street of Carabeo do you come across this small beach. Parking is available in the huge city car park just a few steps away.Carabeo-Strandit is perfect for those who enjoy a quiet beach.

There are no loungers or restaurants here. It's just sand andcrystal clear sea. The simplicity of this beach cannot be underestimated, it is beautiful and surrounded by high cliffs that give it a very private and sheltered atmosphere.

If you walk up the steps to the beach you can easily walk the 500m into Nerja town for lunch or pick up some snacks to take to the beach.


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Caletilla-Strandit's on the other side of the Balcon de Europa. a smaller beach,El Salon-Strandit's right next door and visitors used to walk from one beach to the other and around the headland from Balcon to Calahonda.

This is no longer possible due to coastal erosion and rockfalls.Playa el SalĂłn can only be reached via Hotel Balcon de Europa.

Playa la Caletilla can be reached up a steep hill and has a small shop selling drinks and snacks. There are facilities like showers and you canrent sunbedsand umbrellas.

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linked torustic fishermen's hutswhich have now been converted into summer accommodation,Playa la Caletilla is a large beach in the heart of Nerja town.Although there are no restaurants on the beach, a short walk up the hill offers visitors plenty of restaurants and cafes to choose from.

Beaches near Nerja

Maro-Strand Nerja {Playa de Maro}

Maro is technically the closest town, but its beach is very different from the more famous Burriana beach in Nerja.Maro Strandmakes an excellent place for anyone who wantsa beach for diving,with crystalline waters and excellent visibility.

The waters of Praia do Maro are very calm and there is a great amount of marine life to be observed in these waters.Kayak rentals are available on the beachand it's worth tryingWaterfalls in front of the cliffs of Maro. Kayak hire starts at €8 per hour.

Playa de Maro offers a smaller selection of lounge chairs and umbrellas. There is onesmall parking lotbut you'll probably park on the side of the road that leads to the beach. It is possible to arrive by bus from Nerja, visitors need to walk through the town of Maro and down to the coast.

If you are looking for aquieter beachwhich offers excellent diving andwater activitiesthen Playa de Maro is the beach for you.

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Canūelo is a secret beachwhere tourists rarely venture. Technically not in Nerja, this beach is fantastic thanks to its location. Accessible by car, you can park on a large steep hill. Asmaller bus(2€) takes you to the beach.

The beach is partial and rocky.Sea shoes are recommendedon the visit. There is a small selection of sun loungers and parasols available for hire. is the restaurantChiringuito Las Piedras,which attracts many visitors and rightly so.

Some offreshest fishit is served here with locally produced oils and wines.Reservations are required during peak season.Greatsnorkelingis recommended and for those who dive theresea ​​cavesthat can be explored. Canūelo is a beautiful beach and well worth a visit.excellent restaurant– Chiringuito Las Piedras.

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Nerja beaches map

beaches of Nerja

Nerja is fortunate to be blessed with so many fantastic beaches close by.Most beaches are in the center of Nerjaand do not require any additional means of transport to reach them.

If you are planning a city break in Nerja, you have many beaches within easy reach. Whichever beach in Nerja you choose to visit is sure to leave a lasting impression as you explore some of the beaches.best beaches on the Costa del Sol.


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