17 Best Beaches in Nicaragua (2023) Top Beach Spots! (2023)

Recognized worldwide as a surfer's paradise, Nicaragua has more than just heart-pounding waves.

Located between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, this biodiverse and sunny Central American country offers the best of both worlds.

From wild and untamed to lonely and therapeutic, Nicaragua's best beaches can satisfy the adventurous and contemplative traveler.

If you're planning an adventure to this land of lakes and volcanoes, one of the best things to do in Nicaragua is to experience its stunning coastline.

1. Yemaya Island Hideaway——Little Corn Island

17 Best Beaches in Nicaragua (2023) Top Beach Spots! (1)

northern end
Little Corn Island, Nicaragua

Named after a goddess of the sea, Yemaia is one of Nicaragua's best kept secrets.

That is why we recommend this beach

Often cited as one of the best beach resorts in Nicaragua, Yemaia boasts fine white sand, tropical gardens, stylish bungalows, a rustic ambiance and unparalleled ocean views.

The clear turquoise waters welcome diving, snorkeling and kayaking, making it a worthy island getaway. the best,

expert tips

Little Corn Island is actually just over a square mile.

Make the most of this tour and explore the entire island on foot!

Don't forget to try the local coconut bread from the surrounding bakeries.

Recommended hotels nearby: Little Corn Island Beach og bungalows

2. Madras Strand - San Juan del Sur

17 Best Beaches in Nicaragua (2023) Top Beach Spots! (2)

San Juan del Sur, Madras Strand

Madras Beach is located on Nicaragua's southwest coast, away from the hustle and bustle of Nicaragua's tourist areas.

That is why we recommend this beach

Hikers follow the rough road to Madras Beach, known as one of Nicaragua's most popular beaches for surfers.

No matter what time of year you visit, there are waves to surf here, whether you're a beginner or an experienced surfer.

expert tips

If you have your own 4x4 ATV, you can go to the beaches of Playa Majagual, Playa Marsella, Playa Hermosa, El Remanso and Tamarindo - amazing beaches in their own right.

If you don't have a 4x4, wait out the shallows and stroll along the romantic beach to nearby Playa Majagual to the north.

Recommended hotels nearby: Chocolate Eden

3. Redonda Bay - Torah

17 Best Beaches in Nicaragua (2023) Top Beach Spots! (3)

1 Round Bay, Tola, Nicaragua

Redonda Bay is about 85 miles south of Nicaragua's capital, facing the Pacific Ocean.

That is why we recommend this beach

Redonda Bay has a coastline of white sand beaches and calm, clear waters, perfect for swimming and exploring the seabed.

Beach lovers who enjoy the outdoors will love hiking up the sandstone cliffs for panoramic views.

expert tips

Although haveAqua Wellness Resort, you don't need to choose a resort, just book a lunch or dinner and enjoy this beautiful beach!

Recommended hotels nearby: Aqua Beach Resort

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4. Pearl reef

17 Best Beaches in Nicaragua (2023) Top Beach Spots! (4)

Perlesøen, Nicaragua

Nicaragua's Pearl Cays are a group of eighteen uninhabited islands in the Caribbean Sea located about 35 kilometers from Pearl Lagoon in the city of Nicaragua.

That is why we recommend this beach

Covered in pristine greenery and lined with pristine white sand beaches, the secluded Pearl Cay is a popular day trip destination.

Most trips can be arranged by your hotel or by local fishermen.

Once ashore, prepare to head to the best snorkeling and diving spots.

Swimming here is a fantastic experience!

expert tips

Be aware that islands have limited infrastructure, so choose an island with the amenities you want.

Pink Pearl is by far the most popular among tourists because of the convenience it offers.

Recommended hotels nearby: Canada House

5. Jiquerillo

17 Best Beaches in Nicaragua (2023) Top Beach Spots! (5)

Chiquillo, Nicaragua

Jiquilillo is an off-the-beaten-track surprise on Nicaragua's west coast.

That is why we recommend this beach

Jiquilillo is a volcanic beach next to a sleepy fishing village with palm trees and fishing boats.

Although it is volcanic, the sand is not so black, but the area is still the hottest in the country.

Well, it makes cooling off in the water and riding the waves even more perfect.

expert tips

If you are curious why this is a volcanic beach, you should hike to the crater of the Corsican volcano!

You will enjoy panoramic views of the three volcanic peaks of Nicaragua, El Salvador and Honduras.

Recommended hotels nearby: Leon Convent Hotel Nicaragua

6. Miskito Coral Reef – the autonomous region of the northern Caribbean coast

17 Best Beaches in Nicaragua (2023) Top Beach Spots! (6)

Autonomous region of northern Caribbean coast, Nicaragua

Miskito Coral Reef is located in the North Atlantic Autonomous Region of Nicaragua and is only accessible by boat.

That is why we recommend this beach

Because of its remote location, Miskito Cay is perfect for adventurous beachgoers who like to get away from it all.

Filled with stories of pirates, the reefs are filled with estuaries, reefs, reefs, seagrass beds and marine life that offer so much to enjoy for the adventurer.

expert tips

Note that apart from the wooden fishing villages of Miskitos (whose houses are not on the island but supported by pillars from the sea), these reefs are uninhabited and therefore lack the necessary facilities.

Recommended hotels nearby: carrara i.

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7. Punta Jesús Maria — Ometepe-øen

17 Best Beaches in Nicaragua (2023) Top Beach Spots! (7)

Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

Named a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, Ometepe Island is home to Cape Jesus Maria, a slender stretch of black volcanic sand that juts out over Lake Nicaragua.

That is why we recommend this beach

Punta Jesus Maria is like a road to the black sand paradise of the sacred volcano in the distance.

The sand road can be extended from 10 meters in the rainy season to 1 kilometer in the dry season.

When you walk or splash in the water, you are actually surrounded by views of three volcanoes in total.

expert tips

You can bring your own tent to camp near the beach!

Just make an appointment with Restaurante Linda Vista in the area.

Recommended hotels nearby: Delani private cottage

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8. El Coco Beach - South San Juan

17 Best Beaches in Nicaragua (2023) Top Beach Spots! (8)

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Approx. 19 miles south of San Juan del Sur, Playa el Coco Beach is another off the beaten track, accessible via a long, rough dirt road.

That is why we recommend this beach

Playa el Coco is known for its wide sandy beaches, gentle surfing and sea turtles that come to the shore to lay their eggs.

Playa el Coco, which stretches for about half a mile, is also a surfer's paradise, and nearby villages offer beach volleyball, soccer and horseback riding adventures.

expert tips

At low tide, this beach is perfect for long romantic walks and beach walks.

But watch out for jellyfish and stingrays.

Recommended hotels nearby: Villa Palermo Hotel & Resort

9. Guazacate Strand - Popoyo

17 Best Beaches in Nicaragua (2023) Top Beach Spots! (9)

Popoyo Road, Popoyo, Nicaragua

The once peaceful village of Popoyo has gained a worldwide reputation among professional surfers for Guazacate Beach.

That is why we recommend this beach

Competition-level waves make Guazacate Beach the most popular beach in Nicaragua for surfers.

Towering waves are not the only natural attraction, however.

Barefoot and sandals get you ready for hot springs, tide pools and nature reserves!

expert tips

This is not a beach for beginner surfers!

Non-surfers can enjoy the hot springs and sanctuary, as well as the striking rock formations that appear at low tide.

On the other hand, if you are an experienced surfer, you will love the surf camps and surf buddies.

Recommended hotels nearby: theonost pt.

10. Las Penitas - Leon

17 Best Beaches in Nicaragua (2023) Top Beach Spots! (10)

Leon, Nicaragua

Las Peñitas is a former fishing village turned tourist beach community on Nicaragua's northwest coast, about 20 minutes from the city of León.

That is why we recommend this beach

Wake up to an incredible sunrise in the fishing village of Las Peñitas and its three miles of coastline lined with cafes and bars.

The waves can get a little rough here, so bring your surfboards!

expert tips

If you're not a surfer, come here anytime from November to March to watch turtle eggs hatch on Juan Venado Island.

You can also visit the nearby Cerro Negro volcano and experience sliding down the volcano's ash side on a volcano boarding!

Recommended hotels nearby: Golden Barcelona

11. Remanso Beach - South San Juan

17 Best Beaches in Nicaragua (2023) Top Beach Spots! (11)

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

About eight kilometers south of San Juan lies an idyllic bay facing the mountains of Costa Rica.

That is why we recommend this beach

Crescent-shaped Playa Remanso has soft white sand, decent surf and a beloved restaurant serving delicious tacos and chicken tacos.

During low tide, the waves offer relaxing opportunities to swim and relax in the tide pools.

Meanwhile, the high tide also welcomes intermediate surfers.

expert tips

Remanso Beach is best visited during the Nicaraguan summer months.

The rainy months make the dirt road to the beach muddy, making it take longer to reach the beach.

Local surf shops in San Juan offer surfing lessons and Playa Remanso is the best beach for beginners!

Recommended hotels nearby: Station Hotel

12. La Flor Strand - Syd San Juan

17 Best Beaches in Nicaragua (2023) Top Beach Spots! (12)

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Just over a kilometer from Playa el Coco, Playa La Flor is an 800-hectare protected area bordering a quiet beach that visitors consider one of the most beautiful in Nicaragua.

That is why we recommend this beach

La Flor Beach is actually one of seven beaches around the world where you can see three thousand or more sea turtles arrive on the shore to nest.

Monkeys, iguanas, possums and migratory birds also call the beach home.

expert tips

If you want to witness massive sea turtles, come here between July and January.

When watching the spectacle, be sure to follow the rules set by the rangers.

Recommended hotels nearby: HC Liri Hotel

13. Playa Majagual - San Juan del Sur

17 Best Beaches in Nicaragua (2023) Top Beach Spots! (13)

San Juan del Sur, Madras Strand

Playa Majagual is a short but less touristy hike north of Playa Maderas.

Because beachgoers consider it secluded, Majaguar Beach still maintains a pristine and peaceful atmosphere and is known by locals as "Secret Beach".

That is why we recommend this beach

Playa Majagual's 656-foot cove protects swimmers from rough waves, making it the best beach in Nicaragua for swimming.

Imagine the feeling of gentle wind, warm water and complete isolation from the noise!

Stay for the golden hour to enjoy the beautiful and colorful sunsets.

expert tips

Be aware that this beach is largely deserted, so bring food and clean up after yourself.

Or head back to Playa Maderas for a taco shack and smoothie bar.

Recommended hotels nearby: Tree House Resort

14. Matilda Beach - South San Juan

17 Best Beaches in Nicaragua (2023) Top Beach Spots! (14)

San Juan del Sur, Madras Strand

Playa Mathilda is adjacent to Playa Majagual but is separated by a rock formation.

That is why we recommend this beach

Playa Mathilda is som et alter ego af Playa Majagual.

With strong waves and dramatic rock formations, Matilda Beach is not for the average beach bum, but for experienced surfers.

When you get hungry, the ranchito restaurant on the beach serves Mexican food.

expert tips

If you are staying at a seaside hotel and decide to go for a beach walk at night, watch out for crabs and turtles!

Recommended hotels nearby: Hotel Alcazar

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15. La Boquita — Diriamba

17 Best Beaches in Nicaragua (2023) Top Beach Spots! (15)

Diriamba, Nicaragua

Only an hour and a half from Managua, La Boquita is a thriving fishing town with a charming local vibe.

That is why we recommend this beach

La Boquita has rocky areas perfect for sunbathing and is especially known for its tourist center, fishing trips and tempting seafood.

There are plenty of beach-friendly services and amenities here, so don't worry!

expert tips

If you explore their tourist centers enough, you will find plenty of beach activities such as horse riding, surfing and sailing through the mangroves.

Recommended hotels nearby: Royal InterContinental Metro Center Managua

16. Yellow sand beach - giants

17 Best Beaches in Nicaragua (2023) Top Beach Spots! (16)

Giant, Nicaragua

Amarillo Beach can be reached from the town of Gigante on Nicaragua's southwest coast.

That is why we recommend this beach

Fast and powerful waves dominate the beaches at Amarillo Beach, with waves from 50 meters to 150 meters!

With no infrastructure required, surfers can have all the fun and privacy they want for free.

Due to its famous excellent waves, there is a surf camp just three minutes away for surfers.

expert tips

If you're in the mood for a bite to eat or a drink, just head back into town for cheap local food!

By the way, don't miss the sunset in Amarillo.


Recommended hotels nearby: Buena Honda Beach Resort

17. Rancho Santana – Torah

17 Best Beaches in Nicaragua (2023) Top Beach Spots! (17)

Lemon District #1
Las Salinas highway
Nicaraguan Torra Rivas

Located on Nicaragua's Emerald Coast, Rancho Santana offers 2,700 acres of lush hills, five top-rated beaches, a variety of dining experiences and unforgettable beach activities.

That is why we recommend this beach

Not only is Rancho Santana world-class, sophisticated and serene, this luxury resort also boasts five of the best beaches in Nicaragua.

It is already a series of experiences by the water that you cannot do in one day.

expert tips

Rancho Santana's five beautiful beaches are especially popular with vacationing families with young children.

Playa los Perros in Rancho Santana has the safest children's beach, guarded by a gate, and also offers a kids' club, babysitting and an exciting children's program.

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17 Best Beaches in Nicaragua in 2023

17 Best Beaches in Nicaragua (2023) Top Beach Spots! (18)

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