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6 Simple Resume Templates for Google Docs

Choose from a variety of modern, creative, and professional free resume templates with a formatted design, attractive fonts, and colorful accents that draw attention to what matters most: yoursHard- und Softskills,successes, jbasic skills.


A professional resume template with a two-column layout and subtle golden yellow highlights, put together by the Freesumes design team. Golder follows a chronological resume format with ample space to include sections related to your work history, education, and resume goals. It also has a prominent "Skills" section to showcase your most marketable competencies.


This minimalist resume template is a great choice for anyone working in a traditional industry: education, finance, insurance, etc. Featuring a black and white design with subtle red accents for pop, this Google Docs template has a classic look, but a professional one subtly lively tone.


Show off your softer, more feminine side with an elegant blush pink resume design. Our team designed the Roseada resume template with a creative candidate in mind. She is considerate, sensitive, resourceful, talented and certainly has great taste! Give recruiters a better idea of ​​your personal brand with this colorful theme.


Get a fresh start with this free leafy green resume template for Google Docs! It's a classic, professional resume style that seems appropriate for any industry or profession. You can choose to add a professional headshot or use plenty of header space to accommodate a short resume summary or a professional tagline.


A bright Google Docs resume template with a sidebar area where you can highlight some useful extras such as: B. Your best achievements, latest certifications or most important skills. The pale blue color makes this resume design more memorable without being too fancy that some HR might not like.


This black and white resume template goes against the grain. But if you're a confident, experienced candidate who isn't afraid to stand out, then go for it. It has a spacious resume header that you can customize to your liking (keep the image or remove it to fit into a longer resume summary) and plenty of space to display your work history and educational credentials .

5 more Google resume templates to try

Still haven't found what you like? Well, our Freesumes design team did everything to create the above free modern resume templates for Google Docs. Nevertheless, we don't want to let you down. So here are 5 other default options that you get with your Google Drive account.

You can find these official Google Docs resume designs in your Google Drive account under "Template Gallery” (in the upper right corner)→ “to be continued“.


11 Free Resume Templates for Google Docs (Download Now) - Freesumes (7)

This is a simple and straightforward resume design with subtle red highlights. If you don't like the color, you can change it with one click. Similarly, you can easily turn this resume design into a functional one instead of a chronological one.


11 Free Resume Templates for Google Docs (Download Now) - Freesumes (8)

As the name suggests, this Google Docs resume template uses the Merryweather serif font for all text. The column on the left has extra space to display some of your skills, languages, and accolades (which can be replaced with achievements!).


11 Free Resume Templates for Google Docs (Download Now) - Freesumes (9)

The coral resume template has a simple one-page layout that's ideal for less-experienced candidates! You can also replace the "Skills" section at the top with a summary or goal of your resume.

Green mint

11 Free Resume Templates for Google Docs (Download Now) - Freesumes (10)

If you want a more "lively" look for your resume, Google's Spearmint template achieves this with a rich emerald color for headers and borders. It also helps maximize space by using smaller margins in the Work Experience section.

modern writer

11 Free Resume Templates for Google Docs (Download Now) - Freesumes (11)

Choose this free Google Docs resume template if you want to go a bit edgier and more modern. This template beautifully highlights key details like your contact information and previous positions with a vibrant fuchsia color.

How do I use a Google Docs resume template?

Google Docs is a free online word processing application that you can access with a Gmail account. When you're ready, follow these instructions to start using your free resume template:

  1. Go to File > Make a Copy
  2. Choose a personal folder in your Google Drive
  3. Open the new private version of the document and start editing

Any changes you make are saved in real time. You can also revert to a previous version of the document if you didn't like the current version.

Go toFile > Version History > View Version History.You can then see all your changes made to the current version and easily switch between them:

When you're done, save a new copy and enable link sharing with others. This allows you to send a copy of the private document to a recruiter. Or download a Word or PDF version of your resume to forward via email.

How to create a resume in Google Docs?

After choosing a resume template for Google Docs, you're ready to start writing.

Here are the steps to create a successful resume in Google Docs:

  1. List your employees in the header area
  2. Add a professional headshot (if you want)
  3. Work on a compelling resume summary
  4. Communicate your professional experience through tasks and achievements.
  5. Include your school and professional training
  6. Include a list of featured skills and competencies
  7. Check each section and adjust it to the position you are looking for

Need more guidance onresume writing? We break things down below!

The anatomy of a perfect resume

11 Free Resume Templates for Google Docs (Download Now) - Freesumes (12)

Work experience section

It should come as no surprise that most recruiters carefully review each candidate's past employment history and current status at the company. When examining the "Work Experience" section, most will try to discover the following:

  • Why are you interested in a new role?
  • What qualifies you for the position you are applying for?
  • Is your recent experience relevant to the position you are hiring for?
  • Is there professional development? Does the candidate have increasing responsibility?
  • Are there any noticeable gaps in your CV?

Your goal is to deliver all of these answers in a succinct and professional manner, preferably on one page. Our free Google Docs resume templates are optimized for this purpose, maximizing available space with strategic layouts.

Action Points:

  • Match each new resume submission to the job description by using relevant keywords from the job description.
  • Add three to five resume bullet points to each job posting.
  • Delete irrelevant and outdated entries if they don't contribute to your professional record.
  • Focus on communicationsuccesses, no homework.
  • When you're done typing, rescan all entries and add moretechnicianjtransferrable skillsif it is possible.

Soft Skills und Cultural Fit

Cultural fit is an elusive concept for most of us normal people. Essentially, most recruiters assume by "cultural fit" how well the candidate will align with existing company values, beliefs, and organizational practices.

In other words, the employer wants to determine if you can play well with others and thrive in the environment they have. Because if you don't fit in well, you're more likely to distance yourself and eventually quit, which always causes additional costs for the company.

Therefore, most try to recognize this early on by evaluating the candidate's profile.interpersonal skillsduring the CV review and interview phase.

Action Points:

  • Check the employer's mission/values ​​statement on the website.
  • Learn about the daily social media work environment and reviews on platforms like Glassdoor.
  • check yourcontinuejletter of introductionand add quick indicators that show you share similar values.
  • Prepare topics for personal conversation.

educational credentials

The "weight" of education versus two other factors varies by industry and years of experience. Still, you should have this section properly formatted to display your title, along with any other professional training you have completed. Finally, most employers want candidates with current skills and relevant certifications if required/necessary in your industry.

So don't treat the education section of your resume as an afterthought and tweak it to better reflect your knowledge.

Action Points:

  • Add any relevant course, workshop, seminar, or other training program you completed after college.
  • Please provide a GPA score if you are a recent graduate.
  • Don't add your course titles unless they contain relevant keywords.
  • List any professional licenses/permits you hold.


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